1984 book cover design

Pulling together the precise provenance of covers is challenging. Discover (and save!) And some covers are baffling enough not to fit into any of the tropes below. It has been said that Orwell was writing the novel in 1948 and decided to switch the numbers to put distance between what was the point of the publication and the vision of the future. 1984 - George Orwell This quotes describes how the characters live. A new series of George Orwell’s books are being published by Penguin and this is the cover for 1984: Cover design …

1984 Book Covers Totalitarian Governments Get a Little Nicer to Look At As part of a class I was taking, we were assigned to chose a classic book and design the cover 14 times in the span of one week. Among the foreign-language editions here are top left (Indonesian), top center (Spanish), top right (Ukranian), bottom left (Czech), bottom center (Indonesian), and bottom right (Portuguese). says the Mustachioed THINKPOL officer as he walks up to Winston in a stern voice. It’s interesting to see how some of the renderings of power here look like they might be inspired by some real-life dictators.

The book is also not yet available in the public domain in the UK.

So rather than trying to sort out the covers by those means, this round-up instead is taking a different approach: cover tropes. The dark gothic typeface has an industrial and aggressive nature that is being held down by the red (communist, left wing) author. Some of the foreign ones include the top left (Turkish), center row right (Spanish), center row center (Persian), bottom row left and bottom row right (both Spanish). The left image is Persian (and you could so easily substitute that in for Shelley’s classic!)

You can see a few of the covers here, but check out Printmag’s article for all covers with descriptions. Very well, then. Have a favorite? This devilish, dark and almost gargoyle representation of the State, appears aggressively and confined through a window on to the world, which the man is failing to escape from. Designed by Behancé user Adronauts, this design was a …

More reminiscent of Frankenstein and/or his monster. It’s the font, particularly the title, which drives the cover’s design.

However, on another level it celebrates the book as a tactile object; it’s physicality and its materiality. See more ideas about Book cover design, 1984 book, George orwell. I wanted to work with the idea of the ever watching "Big Brother", so I chose the font around the idea of a man with glasses. With that in mind, it will be the designer’s relationship, or the view of the publisher at the time, with the political climate that could lead the project forward. It was entirely made in Photoshop, and the letters are all handwritten. "Looks like you've had a bit too much to think!" He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert. Televisions and surveillance cameras that look like hanging lights could have gone in a few other categories, but they’ve been popped in here since they fit the feel of these. From the use of contemporary artists and illustrators to the embracing of contemporary graphic trends and techniques. Among these covers, we have foreign-language editions which include top center (Turkish), top right (from an Indian publisher, language unclear), center row left (Italian), center right (Portuguese), and bottom left (Spanish).

Perpetually curious about everything design, we report on, curate and celebrate visual culture, the makers of that culture and the expression of graphic design in all its forms and mediums. There’s a lot of incomplete information about publishers, language of publication, and date of publication. Here, we see Penguin retaining the classic orange identity and making use of collage of photography and illustration, framing the cover somewhere between reality and surreality. “Recognizable objects” felt like too broad of a category for these covers. For books that are older, it’s fascinating to see how covers have been reimagined over the course of time. Otherwise, click through to see our compilation of 1984 book covers from home and abroad.

Since the election of Donald Trump, George Orwell’s most famous book, 1984, has seen a surge in sales. Perhaps at the moment the Orwellian tale of the future is more pertinent than it was perhaps ten years ago, or in some cultures and countries it maintains a much closer relationship with truth. ), center middle (Swedish), and center right (Thai). As you’ll see, many of the covers feature the famous “eye” of Big Brother, but others are more offbeat. Less reminiscent of citizens or Big Brother. "You have something to say, sir?" And a couple more for the “objects/cities” broad category. your own Pins on Pinterest In 2013, David Pearson gained critical acclaim for his series for the reissue of five Orwell covers and most notably for 1984. But be warned: you’re about to see a million stark, staring eyes and a whole lot of domineering typography. Many thanks to Timothy O’Donnell.) First American Edition, dust jacket and cover, 1949, 1959 Swedish edition, designed by Olle Eksell, Penguin UK, 2008, design by Shepard Fairey, 60th Anniversary edition, 2009, design by Jason Johnson. I've been listening to 1984 on Audible lately and last night I had a sudden moment of inspiration for a semi-minimalist book cover based on the idea of Big Brother … If you know any creators I’ve missed, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them: was unable to find a cover designer credit for this edition of the book. Simple page filled with different book covers and designs that I like and love. Canva’s free book cover maker is ridiculously easy to use – even for the novice or not-so-tech-savvy writer. Is it me or does the character in this Signet Classic (USA) cover from 1961, bare a striking resemblance to the newly inaugurated POTUS? Interestingly, Penguin continue to represent the title in text format, rather than numerically. Many of the covers could easily fall within many of the tropes. Uno de estos dispositivos, es la telepantalla. We’ve got more eyes on more covers, too. Just a few more, including foreign-language editions top right (Italian), middle right (Italian), bottom left (Italian), and bottom center (French). You’ve done the hard work and created an amazing book.

For general questions about PRINT or PRINT Holdings, LLC contact: jettisoned sales of George Orwell’s dystopian classic, Adronauts Berlin (Patrick Pichler & Wolfgang Warzilek). If you’ve got two hours on your hands this afternoon, wish Orwell a happy 108th by watching this 1954 BBC Television production of the novel. Here’s how 1984 covers, the classic by George Orwell, has looked over the years.

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