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ITV has set the cast for its Isolation Stories, a series of short lockdown dramas executive produced by Jeff Pope, the BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated producer behind Stan & Ollie. Jeff said: "As far as the actor David Threlfall was concerned, the only way he could do that job was to leave his house and go to the house of Eddie Marsan, who’s playing his son-in-law. ‘I want to go home and read a book’ is something a lot of writers would understand, rather than go to a party.” Clarke needed to generate a fair amount of her own intellectual obsession to tell the story of this solitary bibliophile who unleashes forces beyond his control. It’s very hard to make it into a shape.”, Writing became torturous – “all the projects I’ve tried to work on while I was ill kept flowing down a lot of alleys, that was part of the illness” – and the JS&MrN sequel is still “a long way off” completion. 3. To the titular Piranesi, this capital-H House is the whole World, and he is only the 15th person to have lived there. Once again you feel in opposition to the world – your experience is different.”, Her illness keeps Clarke at a remove from the landscape that drew her to Derbyshire, but she’s been spending lockdown watching the birds that are such a huge symbolic presence in both novels. Now David is originally from Manchester — we didn’t say to David to drive down from Manchester. That was a very hard thing to deal with for a long time.”, The pandemic, of course, has challenged everyone’s sense of purpose.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is an unlikely story of intellectual obsession, set in a Regency England in which the buried powers of English magic are reawoken by two scholar magicians. The pages crawl with footnotes, one of the title characters doesn’t appear for the first 200 pages and at the end the reader is left hanging. “Scholarship was a big thing in my home when I was growing up,” she continues. It’s a very old longing in me.”, Born in Nottingham in 1959, the daughter of a Methodist minister, the young Clarke moved between parishes with her family in the north of England and Scotland. David plays a grandfather who waves at his family through the window as he heads to the local shops. Mike insists on an online therapy session with Rochelle, who must calm his anxieties about the coronavirus pandemic. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. Threlfall passes his son-in-law Marsan’s house on his way to the grocery store and peers in to entertain his grandchildren, played by Marsan’s sons Blue and Bodie. It wasn’t fantasy about myself or what I was going to do, it was always stories I told myself about characters.” It was a very religious upbringing, and “in a way my love of magic is a reaction to the Methodist church – I like ritual and ceremony, things that were a bit frowned on in my childhood.”, Another shared feature of the novels is a combative relationship between two men exploring the possibilities of the supernatural. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. “I was really uncertain about going, I thought it would be too much for me, but I loved it. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. It was a long, difficult process. "So we had to cast someone who wasn’t in their 70s.". “There’s so much of Piranesi in that story that I must have subconsciously remembered … CS Lewis and Borges, not an obvious combination!”, Though Piranesi is so different from JS&MrN in mood and tone, one connection is Clarke’s abiding passion for other worlds, dating back to childhood. Pope is the executive producer alongside Tom Dunbar. It’s changed with lockdown, but up until now there’s been this strong thing in our culture that you’re important because of what you do. It’s almost like a forest now.”, An invitation to the set of the miniseries in Yorkshire helped to clear the path. With $4M+. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Isolation Stories' show boss has revealed how the crew had a portaloo slapped with a parking ticket as social distancing measures backfired, David Threlfall needed a portaloo on location as he couldn't go into his co-stars home between takes, Jeff and his team still had lots of logistics to work out to remain within lockdown regulations, Isolation Stories boss gushes over Sheridan Smith’s boyfriend’s ‘fantastic’ secret role in ITV drama, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. “I was doing a lot of travelling and promoting and getting on and off aeroplanes – the sort of thing I’d never done before. Her aim in JS&MrN was to write “a book that seemed to have its roots in the English language, and a sort of magic that ultimately had its roots in grey skies and stones and earth and woods. To the titular Piranesi, this capital-H House is the whole World, and he is only the 15th person to have lived there.

I wonder if that’s at the back of my mind with all these disappointing scholars.”, The weird thing is that as other people’s lives have closed down during the pandemic, mine has opened up, She admits, though, that she’s “very fond” of her most fussy, fusty scholar of all, Mr Norrell.

The episode is directed by Louise Hooper (Flesh And Blood). Karen is written by Neil McKay (Appropriate Adult) and directed by David Blair (The Block). "I think in the end we did manage to get a portable loo, which promptly got a parking ticket. So Eddie Marsan’s wife Janine, by training a makeup artist, is looking through the lens. The long-awaited followup appears on 15 September, and as Clarke admits from her home in Derbyshire, it’s stranger still. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. That would have been irresponsible. He is alone but for flocks of birds and the mysterious Other (in one of many drily funny touches that puncture any prog-rock grandiosity, the two meet up “on Tuesdays and Thursdays”). Finally, Pope will write Ron And Russell, which will feature Robert Glenister (The Aeronauts) and his actor son, Tom Glenister.

He explores its immense and endless Halls, lined with massive Statuary; in the lower storeys, the Tide rises and falls, while Clouds float through the upper realms. Something that will take you there. Clarke cautiously describes it as being “about a man who lives in a House in which an Ocean is imprisoned”. He’d have to go back home. “This is a pattern!”, Finding an agent and selling the book to Bloomsbury changed everything, as the publisher was “suddenly enthused in a quite extraordinary way”.

BAFTA-winning actress Sheridan Smith (Cilla) will star in the first episode, Mel, in which she plays a heavily pregnant woman who will have to give birth without the married father of her child, who is self-isolating with his family. William Ivory is the writer, while Paul Andrew Williams (A Confession) directs. Piranesi considers himself very free, but he’s cut off from the rest of humanity.” Over the years Clarke had also felt “locked away.

I was amazed the parking wardens were still out there.".

You will be redirected back to your article in, (L-R) Sheridan Smith, David Threlfall and Eddie Marsan, BBC Studios Signs Wide-Ranging Co-Production & Content Sales Deal With Sony-Backed Chinese Streamer Bilibili, Sky Inks “Long-Term” DreamWorks Deal For Kids Series Including ‘Madagascar’ & ‘Dragons Rescue Riders’, Heyday Snags Ashley Audrain’s Debut Novel ‘The Push’ After Nine-Way Bidding War, HBO’s Sci-Fi Horror’s Epic Season Finale, Creator Misha Green Talks Likely Season 2, “Ecstatic” New York Cinema Owners Are Revving Up For Reopening, Notes On The Season: How Oscar Can Save The Industry; Plus, Aaron Sorkin On Saving Our Democracy, Liam Neeson ‘Honest Thief’ Leads B.O. Everything became like uncontained bushes, shooting out in all directions. The Other is only the latest in a long line of overweening would-be adepts; from JS&MrN, through her short stories and into Piranesi, Clarke returns again and again to the figure of the intellectually arrogant, emotionally stunted scholar magician. “It is wonderful to be able to go into another world, or talk to a fairy. I had a vivid fantasy life saving me from quite a lot of unhappiness. “I also remember reading in Alan Moore’s Promethea comics that ‘We’ve all had this dream of wandering in a great house’, and I thought yes, I do have that dream quite often! We want to hear from you!

Ron is unwell with coronavirus, straining his already fractured relationship with his son, Russell, who is trapped and self-isolating with his father. She talks about chronic fatigue syndrome, Sat 12 Sep 2020 11.00 BST

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