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I, like everyone else, expects the power numbers to regress, but he’ll still provide plenty of pop even on a bad tem. The steals, runs and batting average while giving you enough in the home run and RBI categories make Marte such a unique player in fantasy.

But if he doesn’t, he could get stuck hitting seventh or eighth.

Mercado should improve on a pretty solid rookie season.

The 26-year-old took a step forward last season and established a new baseline. Franmil Reyes opened the 2019 season in the unfriendly (for fantasy purposes) confines of San Diego's Petco Park. I’m expecting a pretty similar season from Betts in his first year as a Dodger.

Jarrod Dyson (OF - PIT) — ADP: 525.0, 2020 Projection: 39R - 6HR - 31RBI - 19SB - .239 (327 ABs), 114. Jose Martinez (OF - TB) — ADP: 394.8, 2020 Projection: 43R - 12HR - 45RBI - 3SB - .275 (398 ABs), 113. Such a fun player to watch and to have in fantasy.

It felt like Stanton finally shed the injury-prone label before last season after missing a combined seven games in 2018 and 2019. With a full-time role and prominent lineup spot likely awaiting him, he has the chance to get comfortable in Cleveland and skyrocket his statistics.

If Reyes moves to a DH role full-time while retaining OF eligibility in fantasy leagues, that would be the best case scenario. Which outfielders should fantasy baseball owners target on draft day?

I’ll pay for last season’s stats and hope for a slight bump in runs and RBIs. 2 overall. Laureano is a solid player who contributes across the board. Some minor-to-moderate injuries have limited Trout’s at-bats in recent seasons. The leap from good to great is the most difficult in sports, but it's also the most rewarding. It’s a little weird to see a consensus No. On certain sites he’s going Top 75.

Indians' Franmil Reyes: Collects five hits 09/02/2020 • Reyes went 5-for-5 with a solo home run, two doubles, one RBI and two runs scored Tuesday against the Royals. I have him ranked about 10 spots lower than his ADP, but if you live by the “go get your guy” mentality, absolutely reach for him a round early.

Alas, he played only 18 games in his second year in the Bronx and now has a calf injury. You can read more about the idea of SGP here. Reddit; Pocket; Flipboard; ... He’s not a finished product yet, but in 2020, Reyes was a blast to have on the team. J.D. Nelson Cruz (knee) is once against absent from the Twins' lineup on Tuesday against the Tigers. He didn't always have a full-time gig and had to navigate around a midseason trade to Cleveland. Kris Bryant (3B/OF - CHC) — ADP: 47.8.

2020 Projection: 108R - 42HR - 115RBI - 13SB - .289 (559 ABs). 2020 Projection: 87R - 28HR - 84RBI - 14SB - .275 (559 ABs), 16.

You’ll need to manage around the batting average anchor if you’re not punting that category. I’m more comfortable taking him in the middle of Round 3.

Twins designated hitter Nelson Cruz went 1-for-3 with a double, an RBI, and a walk in Tuesday's loss to the Houston Astros in Game 1 of the Wild Card Round.

If you prefer safety over upside, you can take Marte over Hiura (especially since Marte’s upside is pretty significant too).

Franmil Reyes Stats, Fantasy & News. On others, outside the Top 110. Attempting only 30 steals and getting caught on one-third of them last season was not encouraging. He’s fine, but I don’t see the upside. Franchy Cordero (OF - SD) — ADP: 446.3, 2020 Projection: 49R - 15HR - 51RBI - 10SB - .226 (421 ABs), 109. You’re getting elite production when he’s on the field, but he’s averaging fewer than 400 at-bats over the last two seasons.

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo (3B/OF - TB) — ADP: N/A, 2020 Projection: 53R - 22HR - 63RBI - 0SB - .248 (400 ABs), 93. Jason Heyward (OF - CHC) — ADP: 389.0, 2020 Projection: 64R - 14HR - 61RBI - 6SB - .258 (539 ABs), 85. But nothing increases your odds of a league title more than pouncing on a breakout star.

2020 Projection: 84R - 20HR - 85RBI - 5SB - .293 (560 ABs), 30. Michael Brantley (OF - HOU) — ADP: 123.8. However, he’s a prime candidate for someone to reach for him in the Top 100. See if your team wins or loses with this trade View Trade Analyzer.

2020 Projection: 77R - 21HR - 75RBI - 3SB - .279 (544 ABs), 46. Oh, and his average has room to improve. 2020 Projection: 72R - 25HR - 74RBI - 1SB - .274 (495 ABs), 49. 2020 Projection: 88R - 41HR - 101RBI - 2SB - .268 (490 ABs).

2020 Projection: 88R - 17HR - 76RBI - 13SB - .272 (567 ABs), 35. Cleveland DH Franmil Reyes went 0-for-4 in a 4-1 win over the Brewers on Sunday. Not bad production for someone with an average draft position of 181st, right? Jackie Bradley Jr. (OF - BOS) — ADP: 377.0, 2020 Projection: 72R - 19HR - 67RBI - 11SB - .237 (502 ABs), 2020 Projection: 59R - 9HR - 58RBI - 15SB - .273 (488 ABs), 71. David Peralta (OF - ARI) — ADP: 255.8. Harrison Bader (OF - STL) — ADP: 401.5, 2020 Projection: 46R - 15HR - 46RBI - 11SB - .234 (381 ABs), 105. I don’t think anyone is going to ask Yelich about regression anymore. Shin-Soo Choo (OF - TEX) — ADP: 266.6, 2020 Projection: 85R - 21HR - 63RBI - 9SB - .255 (564 ABs), 2020 Projection: 76R - 28HR - 85RBI - 4SB - .236 (547 ABs), 54.

2020 Projection: 87R - 22HR - 72RBI - 21SB - .273 (557 ABs).

I don’t even know how to put Santana’s 2019 season in context given the player he was before that. 3 outfielder in 2020… Christian Yelich (OF - MIL) — ADP: 3.0.

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2020 Projection: 80R - 30HR - 85RBI - 5SB - .253 (475 ABs), 39.

Kepler rode the power surge wave everyone else did in 2019. A 20-20 guy with multi-position eligibility? He finished with four RBI. 2020 Projection: 70R - 18HR - 67RBI - 21SB - .258 (492 ABs). D.J. I’m sort of buying in if he stays in the 12th round.

Looking beyond the long balls, Reyes had the second-highest average exit velocity. Raimel Tapia (OF - COL) — ADP: 441.5, 2020 Projection: 40R - 8HR - 37RBI - 8SB - .276 (275 ABs), 118. 2020 Projection: 101R - 29HR - 86RBI - 4SB - .274 (565 ABs). I love Judge, but he has to stay healthy. Mike Yastrzemski (OF - SF) — ADP: 307.2, 2020 Projection: 72R - 21HR - 66RBI - 6SB - .247 (550 ABs), 72. Yes, I’m aware that some will throw any 2017 Astros comps right in the trash can, but don’t overpunish something we can’t quantify. Addition of Mookie Betts will only help him maintain his lofty numbers.

That's just as true in the fantasy realm, where the transformation of a 20-home run hitter into a 45-bomb power bat or a solid starting pitcher into a Cy Young candidate will elevate your entire output.

Still, 40 home runs feel like a lock if he gets 500+ at-bats. There are no recent notes for these players. He managed to pack 11 homers, four steals and 53 combined runs and RBI into only 46 games, all while batting .311 and posting a .358 on-base percentage.
Everyone seems to love Meadows this season. 2020 Projection: 90R - 30HR - 88RBI - 5SB - .256 (558 ABs), 32. I’ll take my chances where he’s going because I feel the below projection is quite safe.

2020 Season Updates Season Tickets Group Tickets ... 9/21/2020 at 8:44 PM 9/21/2020 at 8:44 PM Franmil Reyes lifts a sac fly deep to center field. Jeff McNeil (2B/3B/OF - NYM) — ADP: 96.0.

Joc Pederson (1B/OF - LAD) — ADP: 207.2, 2020 Projection: 69R - 27HR - 67RBI - 3SB - .251 (390 ABs), 2020 Projection: 67R - 23HR - 74RBI - 3SB - .258 (473 ABs), 2020 Projection: 55R - 19HR - 59RBI - 14SB - .251 (366 ABs), 68. His timetable is unknown. If you have an existing account please, Ray’s Rundown 10/17: Looking Back at Relievers in 2020, Ray’s Rundown 10/12: Starting Pitching in 2020, Ray’s Rundown 10/10: Looking Back at 3B, SS, OF, Ray’s Rundown 10/5: Starting Pitching & 2021 Drafting, Buccaneers | Tampa Bay acquires Steve McLendon, Jets | NYJ deals Steve McLendon to Tampa Bay.

Danny Santana (1B/OF - TEX) — ADP: 137.8. 2020 Projection: 101R - 28HR - 80RBI - 6SB - .294 (591 ABs), 14.

Solid production across the board with a batting average you can live in.

One of those players that fits almost any fantasy team.

2020 Projection: 67R - 25HR - 75RBI - 3SB - .273 (470 ABs), 2020 Projection: 68R - 15HR - 65RBI - 6SB - .299 (471 ABs), 52. The potential for him to lead off for most of the season is tantalizing. Update: Conforto injured his side making a catch and has been sent back to New York for further testing.
He’s still the best real-life player in baseball, but for fantasy he’ll have to settle for No. He totaled 83 appearances, launching 21 homers, driving in 48 runs and hitting .269 along the way.

2020 Projection: 75R - 22HR - 76RBI - 5SB - .264 (572 ABs), 47.

Ramon Laureano (OF - OAK) — ADP: 92.0.

Great value here.

He doesn’t steal much anymore—and he was dreadful at it when he tried in 2019—so he can’t quite make his way into Starling Marte territory. Cleveland DH Franmil Reyes went 1-for-4 in a 3-2 loss to the Cubs on Wednesday.

We're here to steer you in the direction of some breakout bats who could prove to be league-winners.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. Eaton is a guy who you don’t plan to take pre-draft, but can save you if you went too power heavy early. I’m sold, unlike the Mets. David Fletcher (2B/3B/SS/OF - LAA) — ADP: 302.0, 2020 Projection: 69R - 6HR - 51RBI - 8SB - .282 (500 ABs), 81. Andrew McCutchen (OF - PHI) — ADP: 215.0.

Brett Gardner (OF - NYY) — ADP: 329.0, 2020 Projection: 68R - 17HR - 60RBI - 11SB - .246 (447 ABs), 74. All-Access, MLB, MLB Articles, MLB Player Profiles, MLB VIP.

And who knows, maybe he’ll settle in well in his second season in Philadelphia and just go off. However, he’s being slightly overdrafted for my taste. I’m not sure what fantasy owners love about Benintendi other than that he’s a semi-popular name because of where he plays. Taking a rookie this high isn’t without a whole boatload of risk, but a 25-25 season is well within reach for this top prospect.

The Blue Jays can't wait to see what the 22-year-old has cooked up for an encore. There’s some risk that if he starts slow the Phillies may not let him work through it.

The Indians should sign him, but they are only mildly interested in winning right now.

Franmil Reyes projected to 150 Games vs RHP and LHP with 12 team mixed fantasy value. As everyone waited for McNeil to regress late in the season, he simply decided he didn’t want to.

2020 Projection: 75R - 27HR - 83RBI - 8SB - .262 (549 ABs), 37. Sign me up.

Gregory Polanco (OF - PIT) — ADP: 315.0, 2020 Projection: 67R - 21HR - 69RBI - 9SB - .250 (492 ABs), 64. If he gets traded to a contender, his playing time may suffer a bit. He’s a Top 50 player for me going in Round 8. Another undervalued player, McCutchen should be a starting outfielder in every standard league. 2020 Projection: 64R - 6HR - 43RBI - 40SB - .250 (500 ABs), 43. Michael Conforto (OF - NYM) — ADP: 109.8. He’s going about a round too early, so don’t reach.

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