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With the capture of his father by the Persians in 260 AD, Gallienus inherited the throne as sole ruler of the Roman Empire. $9.99 4d 4h +$4.20 shipping. - *Lucernae* Gallienus antoninianus ORIENS AVG / P. Sol Mediolanum 253-268 A.D. - Ancient Roman Gallienus Silver Antoninianus, UNC!

Appearance: Normal round coin Metallic gray Letters: Latin Years: sort: 235, filter: 235 to 268 Image: rome_gallienus_antoninianus.jpg Original inquiry: position looking man lvbentvs iubentus crown tiara spear Advertisement Advertisement Home. In 260 AD, a Gallic rebellion led by Postumus, the commander of the Rhine legions, resulted in the break away of the Western provinces of Gaul, Spain and Britain. With his father’s departure for the East in 256 AD, the responsibility for administering the Western provinces fell to Gallienus. The bronze was being used to coin the much more valuable Antoninianus. NGC MS Mint State, - GALLIENUS Sestertius Rome 254 APOLLINI RIC 372 - Rare, - Roman Imperial Salonina (Wife of Gallienus). Browse Coins. The high cost of defending the empire had taken its toll and there is no better record for that than the coinage of the empire itself. COS.VII. Simultaneously, due to the fact that the once silver Antoninianus had become debased to the point of a mere bronze coin itself, the traditional bronze denominations of the sestertius, dupondius and as ceased to be minted. - BILLON ANTONINIANUS.

*Lucernae* Gallienus antoninianus ORIENS AVG / P. Sol Mediolanum 253-268 A.D. Gallienus. JUPITER REVERSE. Æ As (8.3 grams), AU Aureus (2.5-1.5 grams) The silver Antoninianus begins with a weight of about 3.5 grams. The inscription on the front gives the emperor's name explicitly. 261 TR.P.VIIII. AR. 256 TR.P.IIII. He then raised to the rank of co-emperor his youngest son Saloninus in 259 AD. However, specimens of the double aureus (as illustrated here) show a weight of 5.29 grams on average. The gold coinage is both irregular in size and weight. COS. The weight of the gold coinage varies so greatly, that at first glance it would appear as if there were no monetary standards whatsoever. In Upper Pannonia,  Regallianus seized power declaring himself to be Augustus following the defeat of Ingenuus who had led the first rebellion of the Danube region. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. At the same time, Gallienus’s son, Valerian II, was given the rank of Caesar. - Gallienus. Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus was the son of the emperor Valerian I. Gallienus was raised to the rank of co-emperor (Augustus) soon after his father being hail Augustus by his troops. ), and Antioch. What we find in the surviving coinage is a great disparity among the known mints simultaneously of Rome, Milan, Siscia, Cyzicus (? It was this invasion of the Goths from the Danube regions that prevented Gallienus from seriously addressing Postumus  in Gaul and Palmyra in the East. Augusta, A.D. 254-268.

Gallienus valiantly marched against the invaders but was too late to prevent their sacking of Athens. Yr Tribunician Power Consul 253 TR.P.

With the capture of his father, the Roman Empire fell into a serious political crisis. AU Quinarius (0.77-1.5 Grams) One of his surprising political actions was to reverse his father’s anti-Christian edicts, which actually ushered in a period of religious tolerance that lasted for the most part until the reign of Diocletian and Maximianus nearly 40 years later. These usurpers and others, were recorded as part of the Thirty Tyrants in the Historiae Augusta.

- Gallienus Ae Sestertius - VIRTVS AVG - 26 mm / 11.78 gr. Ancient Roman Gallienus Silver Antoninianus, UNC! This is an antoninianus with Roman emperor Gallienus. This silver layer would quickly wear off in circulation leaving the bronze appearance. This time the Goths joined forced with another tribe known as the Heruli from the Black Sea region. Information for this study was derived from: Vagi, David, "Coinage and History of the Roman Empire", Amos Press, Inc., 1999. Roman Gallienus, AE SILVERED antoninianus, Rome mint, joint reign. By late 259 AD, the silver content itself began to declined dropping below 40% becoming a light chocolate bronze coin thinly coated with a silver wash.

Ultimately, silver virtually disappeared completely between 262-268 AD under Gallienus and the Antoninianus of this later stage had in fact been drastically reduced to the point that the coins were in fact mere bronze imitation thinly coated with a fine silver wash to keep up appearances (much like the withdraw of silver in modern times during the 1965-1968 period). AR Antoninianus (5.23-3.5 grams) While Gallienus was dealing with the Goths, his own general Aureolus had been left in Italy to defend against any attack by Postumus. Gallienus 253 – 268 A.D. Gallienus, Valerian’s son, became co-emperor shortly after Valerian himself ascended the throne. Coins by Location. This new internal crisis forced Gallienus to leave the Goths to his generals and he marched back to Italy to confront Aureolus where he defeated his army at the battle of Pontirolo.   &nbps;  

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