jutta an dimun

Gwent Update: Feb 9, 2018: Name change: Jutta an Dimun (was Jutta). Talk to Jutta an Dimun, who has never been bested by a man in combat, and tell her you wish to fight. To gain Carnal Knowledge of Jutta An Dimun, finish the Iron Maiden Secondary Quest. Changed "Dimun" tag to "Clan Dimun".

Jutta An Dimun. Power increased from 12 to 13. Run To The Hills.

Go to Faroe island, to the village of Ringvold, and look for a path that leads to the east from the village. When you reach the Faroe village of Ringvold, take the eastern path and go up into the hills. Patch 0.9.18: Name changed from "Jutta an Dimun" to "Jutta". Human, Warrior Deploy: If Jutta an Dimun is the highest unit, damage self by 6. Iron Maiden Follow it to the top of the nearby hills and you’ll reach a ring where Skellige warriors spar. She’ll respond in one of two ways: Patch 0.9.6: Name changed from "Jutta" to "Jutta an Dimun". Geralt can romance Jutta in the end of the Iron Maiden quest. She is one of two main romances,… Jutta an Dimun, called the Iron Maiden by some, was an excellent Skelliger warrior hailing from Faroe in 1272 . Renamed Dimun tag to Clan Dimun. Patch 0.9.10: Added Dimun and Soldier tags.

Patch 0.9.12: Now Agile (was Melee). Jutta an Dimun is a shield maiden of Clan Dimun on the island of Faroe. Patch 0.9.7: Power increased from 11 to 12. Removed Veteran ability. She has sworn only to marry a man who can defeat her in combat. Triss is yet another powerful and gorgeous sorceress that you can romance in the game.

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