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Kastro opened the first known school on the island (in the early 17th century), and later established the famous School of Panagia Tafou (the Holy Sepulchre) also known as the ‘Seminary of the Archipelago’ (from the mid-17th century). The village lies on a grey, rocky hill, close to the sea. The houses with the narrow front sides mainly of the external ring are built the one next to the other and they form the external part of the settlement. Rates are indicative based on the minimum and maximum available prices of products and services. There are the six ‘lodges’ (gateways at the entrances to the village), 16th and 17th century chapels with decorated floors and many other details making Kastro a living open-air museum. Once towers stood here. It has been continually inhabited since the prehistoric period. The churches of the seven martyrs, on a rock outside the village, close to the sea. This is the ancient ‘city’ referred to by Herodotus, which flourished in the 6th century BC, with a temple and a theatre dedicated to Dionysus, and grand marble public buildings.

Approaching the village Kastro, you will find the apartment complex Petra & Fos sitting on the rock. Further to the north, the ancient path leads to Panagia Poulati, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Here you shall find rooms and apartments to let, traditional little taverns and fish-houses, patisseries, shops, gift-shops and coffee-bars. The village's name comes from the fortress-like 'castle' formed by its buildings.

The settlement has an ellipsoidal form, following the terrain, and has a defensive aspect, preserving unchanged its medieval (Venetian) fortified formation.

However it opens its doors during the summer to host various exhibitions of Sifnos in its rooms (photography, painting, exhibitions of items from the Benaki Museum etc.). To get to Kastro you can take a bus from Kamares or Apollonia or by car or motorbike.

Kastro. 15 juillet 2016; 4 Comments; Must See in Sifnos. The toponym Kastro means Castle.

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Edited by Katrina Butzer, There are several churches, all built in the 16. At the internal arrangement of the settlement, the planning is quite free and many of the streets are passing over the houses’ rooms. It is also the birthplace of the former President of the Supreme Court of Greece, Antonis Zilimonos. It has been continually inhabited since the prehistoric period. At the east of Sifnos, on an abrupt rock with excellent panoramic view to the Aegean sea, there is the historic village Kastro, one of the most picturesque regions of Sifnos.

The ancient capital of Sifnos is a remarkable village located east of the island.

Kastro, Sifnos. The town has been inhabited for over 3000 years and was at one time the capital of the island. Local excavation has revealed that people lived here as far back as the Bronze Age. The outer walls of the houses form the walls of a fortified settlement.

Great teachers and priests were graduates of the seminary, including Nikolaos Chrysogelos (later a teacher at the same school and the first Minister of Education of the Modern Greek state), as well as forty-eight bishops and two ecumenical patriarchs.

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Kastro is the birthplace of the university professor and academic Georgios Maridakis (his marble bust can be seen in the courtyard outside the Theologos chapel).

Kastro, Sifnos, Greece – EUROPE. The old entrances to the castle are still being used. At the south foot of Kastro’s hill there is Seralia, the ancient port of Sifnos, where there is a small beach and restaurants with fresh fish and fantastic views. Two defensive rings of buildings can be observed, each built close by the next, with mansion houses for the richer inhabitants in the inner ring where they had greater protection, and the houses of the poor in the outer ring. Kastro is one of the most facinating and mysterious places on Sifnos. It is up to this day one of the most important settlements of medieval urban planning structure in Sifnos and in Greece. On the same site today stand the twin churches of Agios Stefanos and Agios Ioannis Kalyvitis.

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