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Infusing the herbs in a solution of ethanol and water at approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. Pasquale Vena, s.n. At 28 percent alcohol by volume, there’s no burn to speak of. All things considered, I found the Amaro Lucano to be solidly within the core flavor profile you’d expect from an Italian amaro, and that’s A-Okay in my book. I pick up a lot of ginger-like notes from the Lucano, which makes it a fantastic match with mezcal, and the maraschino adds just the right level of herbal complexity. Although amari were originally consumed neat or over ice, bartenders have long utilized them as an ingredient in cocktails to add depth and complexity; the best-known example being the Negroni (equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth), with a history stretching back nearly a hundred years. Although the exact recipe for Amaro Lucano is a secret (no surprise there, as every amari’s recipe is a closely guarded, apparently) the company does offer that it includes “wormwood, absinthe gentile, clary sage, achillea moscata, cardo santo, sweet orange, angelica, gentian, elder, rue, and aloe.” The official literature describes a seven step creation process that I’ve paraphrased for brevity: The Amaro Lucano bottle holds a lot of information if you study it. Some popular cocktails containing Amaro Lucano Amaroland — Sweet vermouth, Amaro Lucano, Amaro, Fernet Branca, Orange bitters Old Roma — Bourbon, Amaro Lucano, Crème de Cacao, Bitters, Pecan Be the first to rate this post. It’s a  bit like baseball cards were when I was a kid – once I had a few, I wanted the whole set which makes for a lot of bottles to track down. Be careful though – this is a sneaky little drink…with a full ~2.5oz of liquor, it’ll catch ya off guard. It’s smoky, bitter, dark, and oh so good. Average rating 0 / 5. No votes so far! admin . If you’re intrigued by amari, be sure to check out Inu A Kena, which has several greats post about them, starting with this one. I eventually selected Flor de Caña seven-year. In its absence, almost anything from Barbados would do, as would a Jamaican rum like Appleton V/X. Please double check your We love its taste and have experimented with using it in several cocktails. Stir all ingredients with ice, then strain over a large fresh ice cube. . This beautiful trinity of flavors is a match made in heaven. The spirit’s story starts in 1894 in the town of Pisticci. Only the “heart” of the extract is retained. The bottle’s clear glass has raised lettering referencing 1894, Lucano, and Pasquale Vena. Your appreciation: How useful was this post? Although typically associated with Italy, other “old world” countries such as France and Switzerland also create well regarded herbal liqueurs like Gran Classico, a personal favorite. Giuseppe Tatone, Speakeasy Bar, Bari . A number of herbs commonly found in amari like gentian are considered to have medicinal effects on the digestive system. The Lucky Lucano combines Amaro Lucano, a robust bourbon and the juice of a ripe plum to make a bold boozy cocktail. Pulling other amari from my spirits library, I tasted it side-by-side with Ramazzotti, Gran Classico, Amaro Meletti, and Averna. More recently, bartenders have gone crazy pairing up various amari with brown spirits such as bourbon and rum, giving rise to the “brown, bitter, and stirred” category of cocktails. None of the pieces pried off seem to have threads by which to screw it back on. Outside of the prominent wine culture, I’d say the top 3 other distinctive Italian drink staples are: amaro, grappa, and limoncello (probably in that order). Express a lemon peel over glass, then drop in. Shake all ingredients together with ice, then double strain into a coupe glass. I had a terrible time prying the “cap” (in several pieces) off my bottle. Amaro Lucano brings a bold slightly bitter flavor full of warm spice that pulls the sweetness of the plum and caramel flavors of the bourbon. Finished with the fresh aromatic oils from a lemon twist….mmm bellissima! Vote count: 0. Cheap wine and regretful shots aside, let’s just say that my drinking tastes weren’t so well developed back then. There is SUCH an abundant variety of products for each of those categories, and the selection at bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, and grocery stores tend to favor the locally-produced items from the region (particularly for amaro). Prev Cocktail précédent Chérie Julep. The large amount of sugar needed to balance the bitterness gives a viscous mouth feel common to all amari. Viale Cav. Amari, on the other hand, start out as bitters, but then sugar syrup (or some other sweetener) is added to balance out the bitter flavor as well as temper the alcohol content. (Full disclosure:  I was recently provided a bottle for review. Javascript couldn't be loaded. Hands down, my favorite country to visit is Italy. 75015 Pisticci Scalo – (Matera) Stratification occurs such that the heavier elements settle at the bottom, lighter parts on the top. Well, today’s post features 2 lovely products made by the Italian liqueur producer, Lucano. connection and/or update your browser. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that Lucano also makes a limoncello, which is DELICIOUS and aromatic, made with the fresh zest of Sorrento-grown lemons. *this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own*. I quickly learned that collecting amaris, especially with so many hard-to-find bottles, can be an addicting and expensive habit. It’s important to distinguish between bitters and amari here. I spent a semester living in Florence during college and absolutely fell in love with the country…the language, the culture, the fashion, the food…everything. The bottle retails for approximately $25 US.) Express the oils from a lemon twist over top, and drop in. Une création de: JP Gauthier. Worldwide, the most well-known amaro is Campari. Herb selection, natural drying, and “fragmentation,” which I assume means grinding. This twist on a daiquiri is refreshing, floral, and super delightful! A local baker named Pasquale experimented with different herbal infusions in his shop’s back room, eventually settling on recipe including more than thirty ingredients for his house-made amaro. Terms commonly seen in the same context as amaro are aperitif and digestif. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Baskerville 2 by Anders Noren. Huis Clos. Pasquale Vena s.n. No junk and opt out at any time. Apertifs are traditionally lighter, with lower alcoholic content, and served before dinner to stimulate the appetite; digestifs are typically more robust and higher in alcohol, served after dinner to calm the stomach. When selecting a rum, I focused on the drier, woodier rums in my collection, as the Amaro Lucano and vermouth already pack a sugar punch. Preparation Mix the cocktail in the glass, pour into a total black tea cup over a 100g ice cube and garnish with lime leaves. By 1900, the Vena family had become an official supplier to the House of Savoy, the ruling house of Italy. This site requires javascript to work correctly. Squeezing the infusions to separate the liquid from the remaining solids. 7659 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2R 2E7, Canada. Click on a star to rate it! In this post we’ll take a close look at, Check out Pacific Northwest distilleries and watch me judge a cocktail competion, Cocktail Obsession: Hemingway in the Hebrides, Minimalist Tiki: What you truly need to make the classics at home, Rum Label Transparency: Quantifying Enthusiast’s Desires, Days of Dunder: Setting the Record Straight on Jamaican Rum’s Mystery Ingredient, The British Navy’s Rum Purchases Revealed. It’s difficult to extract single flavor compounds giving what’s going on, but caramel and cola come to mind. (Angostura is the bitter that even the most non-wonky of cocktail drinkers is familiar with.) Stir over ice, strain into chilled coupe. LUCANO 1894 S.R.L. The Averna is closest to the Amaro Lucano, but with even more cola essence. Sign up for recipes and post updates direct to your inbox!

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