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To get back at SpongeBob for an April Fool's Day joke, Squidward gets extra vicious and carries out a rude plank that makes SpongeBob cry. What it's about: Lorelai and Rory go to four different Thanksgiving dinners. It's like Wife Swap but with sea creatures who run fast food restaurants. Give this one a listen after you’ve already become a big fan, and truly appreciate the boys’ journey, their families’ support, and Travis’ wife totally dunking on him. This has some of the best SpongeBob waterworks action when he sobs and wipes it up with his body, recycles tears by crying into his own mouth, and then cries like a lawn sprinkler. The Cream Beams to the Tower of Flavortown was the first episode I ever listened to and it got me hooked on MBMBaM. Definitely not psychoanalyzing myself through the lens of a talking sea sponge... How weird is this episode, you ask? The boys were invited to record an episode from the red carpet of Jimmy Buffet’s Broadway debut musical, “Escape to Margaritaville,” and interview stars such as Marilu Henner and Al Roker. The episode’s initial concept is fascinating enough (there’s a spaceship that’s trying to repair itself with human parts), but it soon reveals itself to be something more: Part chilling body horror, part historical romp, and part meditation on Doctor Who itself. In honor of the show's anniversary, here are 15 of the best Gilmore Girls episodes, ranked … It pisses off Mr. Krabs, who tries to get rid of her, but she ends up eating all of his money.
Talk about wait and seethe. It's a show that's purely enjoyable no matter your age. This finds SpongeBob and Squidward in an epic competition for the title of the Krusty Krab employee of the month award, which turns into an all-night charade of ridiculous boobie traps. It’s been on for 8 years and has more than 400 episodes. After Old Man Jenkins recognizes him on the street, mistaking SpongeBob for a cereal box commercial, he starts to believe he's a celebrity. He ends up recreating his morning over and over again, which is concerning since he feeds Gary breakfast approximately 15 times. There's some classic SpongeBob waterworks silliness here, but this time it's Mr. Krabs who cries into his own mouth and spews his tears in delightfully odd ways. Do you have opinions on which ones are the best? "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End" (2008), 17-16.

—Luke. Actually, not a bad idea. SpongeBob and Patrick house sit for Sandy's bugs and befriend a caterpillar that then turns into a butterfly. "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang" (2010), 26-25. Guy who didn't bring enough money." then proceeds to screw up everything. As expected, things go very poorly. I love the utter weirdness of this episode, which introduces a whole new level of darkness to the show -- "advanced darkness.". Seriously, the family dinner is just a scene you have to watch — it's unique in the sense that it isn't just the usual argument between a couple of the Gilmores, it's literally all of them venting their frustrations and getting absolutely everything off their chest and out in the open. The very first of them remains a classic, and an oft-referenced episode in my life where I wonder how much easier things would be if I could have a friend coach me through difficult situations (you know, like first dates) via a radio shoved inside my head. What I love most about SpongeBob is how dedicated it is to finding the most hilariously bizarre ways to demonstrate emotions, like when a terrified SpongeBob expresses fear by pulling out 15 of his own arms, then nervously eats them out of a popcorn bucket.
A SpongeBob episode about veganism. —Tim Leong, Written by Richard Curtis (Love Actually), "Vincent and the Doctor" follows the Time Lord and Amy as they travel to 1890 to save Vincent van Gogh from a monster. Most triggering, though, is SpongeBob's excessive slobbering before playing the clarinet, aka everyone's high school boyfriend. Why it's great: This episode has the fight of all Gilmore fights. Best quote: "I know you, I know you better than anyone. The highlight is when Patrick eats his chocolate bar and immediately forgets, so he goes off on SpongeBob thinking he stole it, which is me when I drunkenly eat leftovers then angrily question why they've gone missing the next morning. But the most pressing question: where does SpongeBob acquire so many pairs of pants? Everyone sucks, Squidward loses his temper, but eventually it turns into an epically awesome performance where SpongeBob transforms into a Steve Perry-esque frontman and totally kills it. An exercise in SpongeBob weirdness, in this episode SpongeBob and Patrick get stuck inside Sandy's house mid-winter while she's hibernating. A highpoint of the Jodie Whittaker era so far, this action-packed episode reintroduced John Barrowman’s Jack Harkness after a decade away from the show and revealed that Jo Martin’s Gloucester-dwelling character Ruth Clayton is in fact… The Doctor??? Puff has reached her breaking point and finally gives SpongeBob his boating license so she doesn't have to teach him anymore. SpongeBob adopts a magical seahorse who ends up becoming addicted to Krabby Patties. When SpongeBob and Patrick go and predictably nerd out, SpongeBob tries to join the Jellyspotters crew, a group of arrogant nerds who haze him.

Embracing domesticity, they fully live as the queer couple they've always been, except it's super heteronormative as Patrick becomes a distant paternal figure to SpongeBob's overworked housewife. —Dean. Episode 107: Face 2 Face 5; Episode 155: Face 2 Face 6: MaxFunCon 2013; Episode 202: Face 2 Face 7: Big Snapple; Episode 205: Face 2 Face 8: Wedding Stiffness; Episode 208: Face 2 Face 9: Grunt Art; Episode 214: Face 2 Face X: Craigslist Croutons; Episode 83: Face 2 Face 3: Tokyo Drift Brilliant! —Rory. Best quote: "Will you just stand still?" Answers. What it's about: Tensions are high at Chilton as college acceptances — and rejections — arrive. Do you wish you could experience more second-hand panic? No lie, I tried to listen to this one a second time but just couldn’t deal with the second-hand anxiety, but it’s a classic every MBMBaM fan should be familiar with. Watching these episodes, it's hard not to marvel at the ingenious structure of the entire season. And poor John Smith, must sacrifice himself to become someone extraordinary. This episode is mostly excellent for the title alone: Plankton creates a robot version of Mr. Krabs to fool SpongeBob into giving him the Krabby Patty formula. Why it's great: You've gotta love a good love triangle! —Logan. Bonus, it turns out Paris and Rory will be living together! Puff reluctantly makes SpongeBob hall monitor, the power of authority consumes him and he wreaks havoc across Bikini Bottom. The idea of building a society on the back of a suffering creature has already been done (remember Liz X and the lonely space whale?) Best quote: "Basket.

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