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This results in their mutual doom, as they are killed or captured and taken to market where the remains of the killed animals are sold and the survivors are enslaved. A close friend to Xiro, Bombay proves to be a spiritual guide - providing wisdom and advising Xiro on taking a course that will benefit as many people as possible -and a skilled massage therapist. Terrell Hardcastle- Pepe: A white dove, he is the only one of his kind to actually deliver the messages that Noah sent out to the animals.

It's apparent that she and Kairel don't get along; to be honest, she hasn't built up much of a good relationship with the other animals in the jungle, either (judging the fact that most of them have nothing nice to say to her). Learn how and when to remove this template message, "El Arca (2007) - Juan Pablo Buscarini | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods, Themes and Related",, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from August 2018, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Noah's eldest son Japeth volunteers to rescue him, but quickly retreats upon hearing frightening noises below (which turn out to be the hippopotamus suffering intestinal distress). First of all, I hated you for efficiency and intelligence. James Keller- Xiro: A lion, the son of King Sabu and Queen Oriana, Xiro is expected to be a leader to all of the animals; despite this, the prince is (at first) more concerned with having fun and enjoying himself (though he does mature as the story goes on). Pepe returns to the ark with an olive leaf, but is once again (accidentally) clobbered before he can reach his goal. It is apparent that she isn't a very good person, as Kairel claims that, in her youth, she did some regrettable things that made her a wholly unimpeachable woman; she insists, though, that she "had no idea what she was doing". Noah is building a whale of a boat in order to save two of every species from a flood that will cover the entire world. Only one pigeon, Pepe, remains on mission, but is attacked by the animals he encounters. Xiro delivers a speech that rallies the animals behind him (even many of Dagnino's gang, to Dagnino's chagrin). Oscar Cheda- King Sabu: An elderly lion who was the king of all animals before the flood. Kairel delivers Noah's message to Sabu, who calls an emergency meeting of the animal world. Bruma didn't give up on men or love, and it paid off well for her as she is married to Tigger. Xiro fails to make a decision, allowing Dagnino to gain the animals' respect by declaring that he will personally punish any act of violence on the voyage.

Antonio Amadeo- Pity The Parrot: One of the more prominent birds in the movie, Pity is famous as an entertainer in the ark's comedy club "The Dive". Bruma was the first choice of love interest for Xiro (much to the dismay of Kairel, the only other lioness aside from Xiro's mother who doesn't count) in the 2007 Argentine film "Noah's Ark" or "El Arca". Noah's Ark (Spanish: El Arca; "The Ark", in the original English/Spanish version) is a 2007 Argentine-Italian animated comedy adventure film directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini. Xiro has been imprisoned directly below and overhears Noah's words of encouragement, mistaking them for a personal message from 'the voice of his lineage.' Receiving Noah's message of the coming apocalypse from Pepe, he calls a gathering of all the animals in his kingdom to warn his people. Some may question their romance, and Bruma would reply by saying, "he makes me laugh." The sudden stop pitches Dagnino and his minions through a wall, in which their heads are stuck fast. God appears as a heavenly light to Noah and tells him to build an ark, upon which he will board his family and two of every animal, to survive the world-enveloping flood He will send. Tom Wahl- Bombay: An orangutan and one of the minor protagonists for the animal side of the story. Noah then informs his family. Directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini. It also omits a few scenes from the original 2007 release. Xiro impulsively grabs Kairel II and brings her aboard the ark in Bruma/Kairel I's place. Possessing both savage brawn and impressive mental prowess, he plots to disgrace Xiro and take his place as king of the beasts. She serves as the super-star of "The Dive". This page was last edited on 1 September 2020, at 20:48. Heather Gallaher- Panthy: A black panther who is the only female of the animal mutineers. Todd Allen Durkin- Patricio: A vulture.

Noah's faithful pigeon Pepe volunteers to fly down to Noah, but instead plummets helplessly because of his injuries. Xiro is the main protagonist of the Argentine 2007 film Noah's Ark or as originally titled El Arca.

Despite the fact that there is a female tiger already on board the ark, Dagnino seems to be in a relationship with Panthy. This results in their mutual doom, as they are killed or captured and taken to market where the remains of the killed animals are sold and the survivors are enslaved. God surveys the market, witnessing the assorted evils, and declares to his sidekick Angel that he will impose Judgment Dayupon … Amy London- Esther: The second of the con artists. Joe Carey- Noah: An elderly man with the heart of a saint and the main protagonist (for the humans' point of view). Dagnino assumes control and has Xiro locked up in a storeroom, but Xiro's herbivore friends quickly unravel the deceit and convince Kairel of the truth. Aubrey Shavonn- Edith: The last of Noah's daughters-in-law. He sticks out because of his partly overgrown upper beak, his body (which is mostly covered in green feathers) and his loud voice.

When Kairel goes to join them, while pausing to taunt Kairel, a hippo falls, crushing her and causing her to fall in the water and eventually drowned in the flood for a well deserved death. She is married to Ham. A chance encounter with the gentle and devoted Noah, who purchases the freedom of the enslaved man despite his own poverty, convinces him to give humanity one last chance. [4] It is based on the biblical story of Noah's Ark with its focus in the animals' point of view. When his friends free him, Xiro races to confront Dagnino, who has captured the other herbivores. She (never) lives long enough to get on-board Noah's ark because of an unexpected chain reaction accident that ultimately either smashes her flat (courtesy of a hippopotamus) or leaves her to drown.

The story tends to follow the traditional story; however, both the humans and the animals involved are seen as anthropomorphic beings. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Noah's sons fight over the helm and break it.

Bruma is a lioness from "El Arca." Ashamed and desperate, Noah's family prays for God's help. Though she chosen as one of Xiro's potential mates, Kairel II (who was ordered to screen each of Xiro's potential companion candidates) rejected her because she was "too skinny [and had] no brains"; despite this, Xiro took her along as a companion, anyway.

This would make their romance similar to that of Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit. A holy man, he and his family are chosen to be the saviors of humanity and all of the animals. Noah regains consciousness and tends to Pepe before sending him out a porthole to find land. She stands out because of her dark hair and white clothes. For most of the movie, he is seen writing God's book and is often asking God for advice. Despite this, she is a softie deep down, as she does care deeply for her mate, Bombay, and will protect him to the end.

She also became a part of the El Arca Big Six. Love Interest Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Over time, Bruma was reunited with Kairel and Panthy, the latter of whom had left the Predators under her own will. Noah and his sons begin repairing the helm. At the same time, they joined the new Benny, Leo and Johnny Adventure team on new adventures through time and space. Pretty soon, animals are lining up to board the Ark two by two. During the end credits, God and Angel bicker over the contents of God's work-in-progress book. Sabu's spoiled libertine son Xiro has gotten a mangled portion of one of Noah's messages and mistakes the announcement of apocalyptic doom as an invitation to a party cruise. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Calm and cool, she brings some sense to any situation (though she can be a tad sarcastic, if the need arises). She was Xiro 's first choice to board Noah's Ark with him, but while taunting Kairel, Bruma was squashed by a falling hippo and supposedly drowned in the flooding waters below. American singer, Chloe Dolandis, did her voice in the English version, but it isn't said whether Kairel sings in the film or not. [5]. Despite being a female, she is something of a brute, as she can easily take out anyone (regardless as to whether they are friend or foe) with but one punch. Her shaggy haircut and dark fur help her to stick out amongst a crowd. In the chaos, Farfan, Esther and Noah plunge back into the depths of the ark. In the opening scene, animals and humans are seen acting out the seven deadly sins: pride (the peacock), envy (the snake), sloth (the sloth), lust (the hedgehog), gluttony (the toad), wrath (the mandrill), and greed (the human). The taller of the two con artists, she is distinguished by a healthier skin coloration, red hair and earrings. Factory under the title Noah's Ark on March 11, 2014. She makes fun of Kairiel II, who replaces her as his love interest. In the film, she is voiced by Inés Blázquez in the European Spanish dub and then Heidi Harris in the English dub (who also voiced Xiro's mother, Queen Oriana).

Team Robot In Pokemon Sun & Moon The Series. Yet, through some shear miracle, Bruma survived her unlucky fall. In Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventure series, Bruma has a little sister/big brother relationship with Benny. The battle between Dagnino and Xiro ends when the ark, having drifted into the Arctic, runs into an ice floe. Noah sells his home to the greedy merchants Farfan and Esther for a flock of pigeons to deliver messages to all the animals of the world. Some time after arriving back in New York, they signed up for the Ghostbusters Animal Division, along with Alex's Adventure team, Xiro and a newly reformed Dagnino, in Alex's Adventures of The Real Ghostbusters.

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