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Sheriff Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen It's the least I could do. : : And we're lookin' forward to another great year, just like this year! Official Sites Tracking... Cruz Ramirez Lightning McQueen : Doc, hold it! Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen : [the back door of Mack's trailer opens up, Mater backs out, and the back door closes]. : Lightning McQueen How do you mean? : He's got a time share there. :

: Breakfast? Lightning McQueen I grew up watching you on TV! I'm Mia! "Dream small, Cruz." Sterling : Uno lappo. : I hope you got your drip pan! : [at the Rust-eze post-race event, in a bored monotone]  That makes perfect sense. Back then, cars came across the country a whole different way. Lightning McQueen

[Bursts into Doc's clinic]  : These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge. Lightning McQueen :

Lightning McQueen

Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer. : Lightning McQueen : : Lightning McQueen Hi, Sally! : Mater :


And when they started their engines... that was it. Cruz Ramirez Luigi

Nope, still don't see him. : Moved right on to the next rookie standing in line. ...I don't know. But, can I ask you something?

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