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5 Ways to Settle a Rescue Dog Into Your Home, Parson Jack Russell Terrier chewing a carrot, KYON Pet Tracker Offers New Safety Features, 7 Lifestyle Tips to Help Energize Your Pup, Watch a Rescue Dog Care for Orphaned Zoo Babies, Watch Rescue Pups Fly to Their New Homes Thanks to Pilots N Paws. Top photo: Parson Jack Russell Terrier chewing a carrot by Shutterstock. and the odor free varieties have usually been treated with chemicals.

Bone Broth for Dogs: Homemade Recipes to Boost Your Dog's Health. However, I would not leave my dog alone with them! What are the options?

They don’t expand in your dog’s stomach, so don’t be alarmed if your dog begins to crunch away at this dental chew. Specifically, they’re designed to be held in the mouth without breaking down for extended intervals of time. The texture is similar to rawhide, with the nutritional value of natural sweet potato. Now h…, Ditty is a sweet, well socialized dog who just wants a person of her own…, Saved from a hoarding situation, this foster turned beloved family pet i…. Here are a few of our household-tested favorites.

Try one of these healthy alternatives. The issue is in the texture of the rawhide. These are made from all-natural bull (ahem) parts — just Google it — and they’re not necessarily my favorite due to their relatively strong aroma (which I’ve even detected with the “low-odor” varieties). One of the ways that we manage our dental health is by flossing. Petsmart.com, Another favorite for my dogs are the Whimzees. Krystn is a passionate pet nutrition enthusiast. As they soften, they will massage the gums and help to work baby teeth out. Tripe twists are low fat, and easy to digest. Smartbones.com, I have dogs with sensitive tummies, which adds to the trouble of finding a chew they can have. This vegetable alternative to rawhide is ideal for small to medium sized dogs. Collagen for Dogs: What is it and Why Does Your Dog Need it? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(4133719, 'b19dc58a-97c3-45db-b018-ce9448873b6e', {}); The toughest chew on our list is the Himalayan Yak Chews. EntirelyPets.com, From the makers of the SmartBone, these dental chews are highly digestible and are made with real vegetables, chicken as well as chlorophyll, kelp and parsley seed for dental health. The next rawhide alternative on our list comes from a company called Earth Animal. Chews made from rawhide are technically considered “food” under FDA law (so long as the label contains no reference to specific nutritional value). Unlike antlers that are very hard, lamb horns have some give, so they are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide | Dog Chews, 99% Digestive, Rawhides to Keep Dogs Busy While Enjoying… Unlike a rawhide that is tightly pressed together, tripe twists will soften and be chewed apart much easier. In that case, ounce for ounce, supplying your canine can get somewhat expensive. We prefer the look of a clean crisp white rawhide to the yucky colour of it's natural state. This smoked bone is made from the kneecap of a cow. Like the previously mentioned alternative on our list these chews have many ingredients rather than only one. Because the skin is like jerky, it can be tough for them to chew through and if you have a dog that is more prone to “gulping” they may try to swallow it whole instead of chewing it hroughly, which would could cause choking. These chews are highly palatable, healthy for your pets, and are a completely digestible alternative to traditional rawhide. Fortunately, there’s a range of options for nearly every pooch proclivity. Benebone.com, Copper’s Classics products are minimally processed, single ingredient chews that are made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Marybeth lives in the Midwest with her wonderful husband, and her rescue dogs Grant and Maizy — all of them Heinz 57 mixed-breed types. This is just a fun space to experience the cute, quirky and joy that pets bring us every day. It starts as durable, dense chew and quickly softens into a slimy, gummy mess. Luckily, the more people realize how bad rawhide is, the more companies are coming up with rawhide alternatives. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(4133719, '89ae5be3-2142-419e-ac9e-31047d3394f8', {}); What's your dog's favourite natural chew? Crikey! They are offered in different lengths, thicknesses, and shapes to suit each individual dogs chewing style. The most common types of tendons available are beef, bison, and lamb. The product comes in different sizes, but the Big Boyz version can actually stand up to a typically mind-boggling Maizy chew session.

Cow ears are inexpensive and low in calories, and they are a great daily chew that won’t contribute to unnecessary weight gain. Whether it’s cord chewing, blanket bunching, sofa shredding, trash tipping, peevish piddling, cushion crushing, or some creative hybrid mixture, our canines will find a way to communicate their craving for constructive activity. Rawhide has long been touted as a superior dental cleaning chew, but concerns about the safety of the chews may have you looking for an alternative to the classic … They also make a great rawhide alternative for puppies of medium-to-large sized breeds. Luckily, the more people realize how bad rawhide is, the more companies are coming up with rawhide alternatives. For adult dogs with strong teeth, they are a low-fat chew with loads of flavour. They were readily available at the grocery store, sturdy enough to withstand extended gnaw-time — and in many cases, even promoted as “all natural.” Occasionally, though, I began to notice that some of my dogs would break out in rashes or experience bouts of diarrhea after lengthy chomping sessions. If your dog really goes to town on the typical chew, however, I’ve seen these leave a bit of residue on lighter carpets. Easy, healthy, yummy. They’re created using a traditional recipe that’s been chewed by the mountainous people of the Himalayas for generations. A deep dive into the specifics.

To make them more appealing to dogs (and to us), rawhide chews are often coated or painted with artificial flavouring and colours. They tend to be pretty long lasting, but it really depends on the individual dog. Rawhide is made from the inner layer of skin or hide of an animal, typically a cow. Yak chews aren’t suitable for every dog. These are a leaner alternative to beef, because they’re made from free-range, grass-fed buffalo. However, many pups love them — and many pet parents appreciate the lack of preservatives and chemical additives. If the variety of chemicals used to make rawhide chews isn’t scary enough for you, we have yet to even touch on the number one reason that rawhides could be dangerous for your dog: intestinal blockages.

– Michelle, Canine Journal. Chicken feet. These have worked great for me. Beef esophagus has a stronger odour than the rest of the chews on our list, so we recommend this as an outdoor treat or at least feeding it in another room. Come in strawberry, vanilla and honey flavors. I’ve read that deer and elk naturally shed their antlers every spring. Fruitablespetfood.com, If you have a puppy than these Australian made chews are just for you. Dogs go absolutely crazy for them. If you are anything like us, you just need a little pet pick-me-up from time to time. That's up to you to decide. Should you home test your diabetic dog? Do you have safe, natural rawhide alternatives your furry friend seems to love? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? They are made from vegetables and real chicken along with vitamin and mineral enrichments to provide nutritional value. Eldon's Cow Ears are made of cartilage and are a tasty fun treat for removing plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth.

Boredom is bad for a dog, and I’ve found that it can also be horrendous for your personal belongings. And when they do, heaven help our households. Dogs love a good chew, but many have issues with rawhide. In some ways, they are like the doggy toothpick. These bully sticks are our favorites! why bully sticks are the most popular safe alternative to raw hide, Heat Stroke In Dogs – What Does It Look Like And How To Handle It, After Dog Dies, Man On A Mission To Require Warnings About Common But Deadly Plant, RECALL UPDATE: 15 More Brands Recalled For Deadly Aflatoxins, 25 Hot Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers That Will Sell Out Early, Major Pig Ear Brands Linked To A Recent Salmonella Outbreak, 9 Surprising Backyard Dangers That Could Harm Your Dog, 12 Pawdorable Christmas Decor Items That Will Make Your Guests Say WOW. Dogs are some of the most loyal, loving creatures around; but they need their fair share of attention and stimulation to thrive. She’s currently working toward specialized certifications in animal nutrition counseling. Behold these natural bundles of glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help support hip and joint health.

Your dog will enjoy cleaning off the bone, and they won’t even know that they are cleaning their teeth at the same time. She has worked in the pet industry for over a decade and loves to share her passion for animal welfare with others. What’s up, doc? No matter the type, any chew that is not properly chewed, is swallowed whole or is not the appropriate size for your pet can be a choking hazard. Lamb horns are made of Keratin, not bone. Once the rawhide is separated, a solution using hydrogen peroxide or bleach is applied to sanitize and whiten the hide. Where does it come from? This will prevent your dog from packing on the pounds or running into digestive issues. Unlike rawhide, they’re also fully digestible — so they’re not likely to cause intestinal issues if your dog decides to gulp down the entire chew (looking straight at you, Grant the Inhaler).

In recent years, bully sticks have become one of the most popular, natural chews for dogs. Program products are exclusively sourced from animals born and raised in the U.S. and are produced and packaged solely in U.S. plants that uphold the highest standards in food safety.

Coming soon. This is a favorite with Barley, our super chewer dog. Share your top picks in the comments below! Eldon's Chompers come in sticks, braids, and strips. When properly chewed, a dog with good digestion will likely not have any major problems from eating rawhide chews, but why take the risk? These are an amazing rawhide alternative – made from American, farm-raised chicken with no added hormones, steroids or chemicals, they are 100% digestible. 26barsandaband.com, These long-lasting chews are made to be a rawhide replacement! Discover healthy Alternatives to Rawhide for your Dog at Pets at Home, the UK's largest pet shop. Plus, they only cost about $1 a bone, which is pretty good when you have four dogs to treat! They are made and sourced in the USA. And while none of these chews probably last quite as long as rawhide, they are a lot safer. How is it made? For dogs that love to chomp, this natural chew provides a satisfying crunch for powerful jaws and a long-lasting chomp session for more delicate chewers. All rights reserved. It will provide plenty of abrasion to remove bacteria from their teeth and will last longer than most natural chews.

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