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In bronchitis with profuse expectoration the use of morphine is particularly dangerous, as it is likely to check the cough so necessary for getting rid of the secretion, but in the converse condition it usefully allays the harassing cough by diminishing the excitability of the respiratory centre. CK 1 2548787 I'll get rid … He persisted in obtruding himself despite our efforts to get, 7. After unsuccessful attempts to rid themselves of the mice, the farmers appealed to the United States Biological Survey, and alfalfa hay poisoned with strychnia sulphate was used successfully in the Humboldt Valley in January 1908 and in the Carson Valley, where a similar plague threatened, in April 1908.5 Minerals.

Are you trying to get rid of me? I'm glad to be, 28.

A young man attached himself to me at the party and I couldn't get, 29.

Goblet was not sorry to get rid of him by resigning.
The North American Indians fear lest their venerated rattlesnake should incite its kinsfolk to avenge any injury done to it, and when the Seminole Indians begged an English traveller to rid them of one of these troublesome intruders, they scratched him-as a matter of formin order to appease the spirit of the dead snake. rid of lice is not a question of ideology. The mother wanted her little son to get, 18. Here's me desperate tae get rid o the bairn and her desperate tae hae ain. 2 archaic : save, rescue.

maddened with pain the Snake tried every means he could think of to get rid of the creature, but without success. 3. I began to suspect they were trying to get, 11. He feared to give way to his thoughts, yet could not get rid of them. Mouch, why would you " rather get rid od Carvalho ", what as he done wrong?

Nobody was sure whether he died from a broken neck or by hanging, either way the moor was well rid of him. Sometimes I wonder who will rid me of this turbulent priest... Yours in seasonal anticipation, Robert Runcie. In 1854 the Utah legislature created the county of Carson, which included all the settlements in western Utah; but the inhabitants sought to rid themselves of all connexion with the people of the Salt Lake region, and petitioned Congress to annex them to California.

Ramiro soon rid himself of his rival, and welded Sobrarbe, Ribagorza and Aragon into a single kingdom, which thenceforward grew rapidly in size and power and shared with Castile the chief part in the struggle against the Moors. It is about two angry people who want to get rid of each other, and they are called the twits. good-for-nothing teachers, Are rid of you & me! The only way he's going to get rid of me is with a foot on my backside pushing me out the door – and then I'll leave fingernail marks in the door jamb. Only let everyone keep the thought that Satan also stands under the commission of the Almighty God, and that no one must suppose that by leading back his sins to a Satanic temptation he can get rid of his own guilt. Five years later we find a Danish king, Sigf rid, among the princes who assembled at Lippe in 782 to make their submission to Charles the Great. Without knowing what her ancestors had done, she was the only one strong and brave enough to try to rid Tiyan of its curse. Whatever were the means employed to rid air of accompanying oxygen, a uniform value of the density was arrived at, and this value was z% greater than that appertaining to nitrogen extracted from compounds such as nitrous oxide, ammonia and ammonium nitrite. He shook the blankets vigorously to get, 12. The retirement of Rewbell a short time previously also rid France of a turbulent and corrupt administrator. The famine, emigration and the new poor law nearly got rid of starvation, but the people never became frankly loyal, feeling that they owed more to their own importunity and to their own misfortunes than to the wisdom of their rulers. But soon afterwards the king, suspecting treachery, resolved to get rid of his enemies once and for all. assassinate to get rid of Chavez by any means possible, even assassinating him if necessary. He used these fluxions like the scaffold of a building, as things to be laid aside or got rid of. One clue following another until we are together and I rid myself of your foolish games and inconvenient interruptions. 3. He shook the blankets vigorously to get, 17. Ali was angered by the refusal to surrender Parga and justly suspicious of the ambitions which this refusal implied; he could not feel himself secure with the Ionian Islands and the Dalmatian coast in the hands of a power whose plans in the East were notorious, and he was glad enough to avail himself of Napoleon's reverses in 1812 to help to rid himself of so dangerous a neighbor. The original malady being thus got rid of, the vital force would easily be able to cope with and extinguish the slighter disturbance caused by the remedy. Time was not on his side at his age, and if he had to be beaten at one election he was anxious to get rid of the other issues which would encumber the popular vote, and to press on to a second when he would be on the attacking side. The people that sell tickets on eBay can range from ticket brokers to the actual venues selling tickets to people who have had a change in plans and need to get rid of the tickets.

It is important that groups on the Left acknowledge our common desire to rid society of capitalism.

The symptoms of disease were explained as efforts of the soul to rid itself from morbid influences, the soul acting reasonably with respect to the end of self-preservation. For as long as they do not rid themselves of temporal glory, they are starved of spiritual nourishment. For line process blocks a still different treatment in making-ready is desirable, so as to get rid of the hard edges which are nearly always found in this kind of block. The man told him he needed to get rid of me and Yancey told him he'd deal with me in his own way. His prime objective was to get rid of post war german reparations. Most people haven't even tried because we cannot reasonably imagine a way by which we can be rid of them. 195+20 sentence examples: 1. London was not to be supposed helpless in such an emergency; Manchester, Glasgow and Dumfries, rid of his presence, had risen against him, and Charles paused. boobyost the instructions whilst getting rid of women offering me their big fake boobies. By this time, you will have also gotten rid of the extra fluid you were retaining. Nerva seems nevertheless to have soon wearied of the uncongenial task of governing, and his anxiety to be rid of it was quickened by the discovery that not even his blameless life and mild rule protected him against intrigue and disaffection. The solution is filtered to get rid of the precipitate, and the titration is finished in the nearly clear filtrate, which should be always about 200 cc. It is about two angry people who want to get rid of each other, and they are called the Twits. I can hardly wait to get elected so I can get rid of those two winners you hired before you bailed out. We need to get rid of that mangy old carpet in the bedroom.

He next turned his attention to getting rid of the French garrisons; the negotiations proved long and troublesome, but in December 1562 the French departed on payment of 100,000 scudi, retaining only Pinerolo and Savigliano, and Turin became the capital once more. The Porte now tried once more to modify its terms; but the Western powers were now intent on getting rid of the Russians at all costs, and as a result of the pressure they brought to bear on both parties the preliminary convention of Kutaiah, conceding all the Egyptian demands, was signed on the 8th of April, and Ibrahim began his withdrawal. Repair Of Injuries In the process of inflammation we have a series of reactions on the part of the tissues, and fluids of the body, to counteract the ill effects of irritation or injury, to get rid of the cause, and to repair its results. The only way he's going to get rid of me is with a foot on my backside pushing me out the door – and then I'll leave fingernail marks in the door jamb. By now, he had to be desperate to get rid of her. 3. Try and get rid of your visitors before I get there. Finally, we have the expulsion of the Jews from Russia as an example of the effort of a community to get rid of an element which has made itself obnoxious to the local sentiment. The method of § 71 then shows that, by taking a (4L 0 - L 2) as the value of the arc, we get rid of terms in 0 2. Spiced a rid Flavored Cheeses Opinion differs on the merits of flavoring and spicing cheeses. A few instalments were paid, but the king sought to get rid of the liability by offering to make Edward III., or one of his sons, his successor in Scotland. Radicals were jubilant at getting rid of him. In spite of the cold, I try to open the window to rid this room of the smoke and whiskey breath of those who visited here, but the frame is frozen fast. Walaf rid's chief historical works are the; rhymed Vita sancti Galli, which, though written nearly two centuries after this saint's death, is still the primary authority for his life, and a much shorter life of St Othmar, abbot of St Gall (d. To get rid of Waldo, whose date was known, the name Waldenses or Vallenses was derived from Vallis, because they dwelt in the valleys, or from a supposed Provençal word Vaudes, which meant a sorcerer.
4. After the "day of the barricades" (the 12th of May 1588), the king, perceiving that his influence was lost, resolved to rid himself of Guise by assassination; and on the 23rd of December 1588 his faithful bodyguard, the "forty-five," carried out his design at the château of Blois. It is the rapid spread of these yeast-conidia in manure and soil waters which makes it so difficult to get rid of smuts, &c., in the fields, and they, like the ordinary conidia, readily infect the seedling wheat, oats, barley or other cereals. I should get rid of this and buy something a little more feminine. In the progress of science and enlightenment it has no positive significance, except as a necessary transition which the race had to make in order to get rid of nature-religion, and that undervaluing of the spiritual life which formed an insuperable obstacle to the advance of human knowledge. Then removed the default gcc rpm (native) using yum remove gcc (also gets rid of other related stuff - dependencies ). The weakest passages in Der fliegende Hollander are not so helpless as the original recitatives of Venus in the first act; or Tannhauser's song, which was too far involved in the whole scheme to be ousted by the mature " New Venusberg music " with which Wagner fifteen years later got rid both of the end of the overture and what he called his " Palais-Royal " Venus.

The gland evidently excretes, or at any rate gets rid of, a certain waste product of a proteid nature, which otherwise tends to accumulate in the tissues and to excite certain nervous and tissue phenomena. He was a boring nuisance! I began to suspect they were trying to get, 27. "Thank you very much, I will go on alone," said Prince Andrew, wishing to rid himself of this staff officer's company, "please don't trouble yourself further.". 11 sqq.) This exercise is brilliant for getting.

Very rarely, as in the case of silver salts, excretion does not take place; but usually the drug is got rid of by the ordinary channels of elimination. With the help of Barras he proceeded to rid himself of the other directors. Mokhtar was now at the zenith of power, but Ibn Zobair, determined to get rid at all costs of so dangerous an enemy, named his brother Mus`ab governor of Basra and ordered him to march against Kufa.

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