salt water engine patent

A turbine is positioned on at least a portion of at least one wall of the reactor chamber with the pressurized hydrogen chloride driving the turbine. We cannot get behind consciousness. All of these engines convert fossil fuel into kinetic energy which is then converted directly to mechanical power. . As an approximation of naturally occurring seawater, a mixture of water with the above-identified sea salt having a specific gravity of about 1.026 g/cm3 (as measured with a refractometer) was used in exemplary systems and methods. In Figure 18(a) the salt water comprises water and at least one salt, wherein an effective amount of salt is These additional sensors allow more precise control of buoyancy. The method of any of claims 48-52 wherein the salt water solution being acted on the transmitted RF signal is surrounded by a closed reaction chamber. Another novelty of the present invention is to allow the user to flush out the out drives on a boat as well as the engine. It is further contemplated that one example of how this method together with the appropriate system could be utilized, would be in providing an engine that would be fueled by salt water or various solutions containing salt water, or even directly by seawater taken from the ocean without further purification, rather than requiring gasoline or other water incompatible hydrocarbon fuels to operate. The Takeaway/Why This Is Important: With so much evidence showing that human consciousness is directly intertwined with our physical material reality, it further suggests that our own feelings, emotions, perceptions, and ‘state of consciousness’ is a a key factor when it comes to creating and shaping our human experience. 3 which is an alternate embodiment of the solar reactor engine of the present invention. compounds, which may have both volatility and solubility or miscibility with aqueous solutions, would also be useful as secondary fuels in this regard. limited to organic solvents, oil and oil byproducts, insecticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls. 63. said hydrogen and chlorine generating means being energized by said electrical current. The method of claim 53 wherein the step of transmitting the transmitted RF signal is performed for a time sufficient to boil the salt water solution, the method comprising the steps of condensing the steam to form desalinated water. The underlying idea he’s getting across with this statement is that in some way shape or form, consciousness is directly intertwined with what we perceive to be our physical material world, and that the nature of reality is made up of non-physical “stuff.”, He goes on to emphasize how, in the modern day scientific world, “there have been serious attempts to preserve a material world – but they produce no new physics, and serve only to preserve an illusion.” This illusion he refers to again, is the idea that the make up of our reality is strictly and fundamental physical.”.

The system for processing salt water according to any of claims 13-14 wherein the salt water solution comprises natural sea water. invention is a continuation-in-part of copending application The method of combusting a liquid according to any of claims 1-8 wherein the providing step comprises spraying the liquid through the transmitted RF signal for combustion of at least a portion of the liquid. FIG. [0082] The methodology may end at block 1924 and may be ended after a predetermined time interval and/in response to a determination that a desired amount of hydrogen production and hydrogen combustion, or alternatively that a desired amount of volatilization and combustion of any secondary fuel source that is optionally present has been achieved. It has been confirmed that ocean water will combust using the ENI RF generator using the coupling circuit of Figures 46-49 of U.S. So, what did Mr. Justice have to say? The sodium hydroxide is fed into reactor 25 via tube 38 from a chlorine-sodium hydroxide cell. Flushing the out drives utilizing current methods are a two-person operation in order to be safe, but the present invention only requires one person. A 13.56 MHz RF signal at about 600 Watts was then applied to the sample and as soon as the RF signal was applied, combustion of the salt water sample was initiated immediately. Figures 9A-9C show an exemplary transmission head 900 comprising spaced, stacked, electrically conductive, coaxial, and circular plates that have sequentially decreasing diameters.

Gas displacement and air bag systems require gas storage and utilize an expendable resource. 1, 1975 by the same inventors herewith. [00123 ] Of the RF absorption enhancers mentioned herein, some may be suitable for a 13.56 MHz RP signal, e.g., silver nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles, copper nanoparticles, magnesium nanoparticles, aqueous solutions of any of the metal sulfates mentioned herein, and RF absorbing carbon molecules and compounds. [00140] A first 100 ml, sample containing salt water was placed in a test tube and the test tube was then attached to a support arm and positioned between the transmission head and receiver head of the RF apparatus (described above). [0072] It is contemplated that a reservoir of the salt water or a solution containing salt water could be made beforehand and stored in a tank such that it would be available upon demand. [0040] The tuning circuit 116 may be in circuit communication between the RF generator 102 and the transmission head 104 and may comprise and pi-network or a tunable pi- network. Other factors, such as, for example, the depth, size and shape of the general target area, or specific target area to be treated, and the number of frequencies transmitted may also be used in determining the selection of the transmission head. The temperature of the burning products of salt water exposed to RF energy has been measured as high as about 17000C using a FLIR Systems ThermaCAM P65 thermometer with ThermaCAM Quick View V2.0 Software, which measures temperatures up to 17000C (it is believed that the salt water is combusting at a higher temperature).

2007868740, Country of ref document: Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University Richard Conn Henry published a paper in the journal Nature titled "The Mental Universe" emphasizing how metaphysics plays a central role in understanding the nature of our reality. These fittings include a barbed hose end for installation with rubber hoses, a garden hose adapter for introducing fresh water into the system and a standard pipe adapter to attach to sea strainers or various types of hose such as braided steel hose. It is contemplated, as above, that a frequency for operation of the RF signal may be selected such that the frequency (or harmonic thereof) is the same as or overlaps with (either partially or completely) specific RF frequencies that are capable of stimulating or exciting any of the various energy levels of any of the various metal species or metal salts or metal compounds that may, for example, be present within various targeted microbes, bacteria, or viruses.

[00139] For all the Series 2 examples described below, a circuit implementation of Figure 16 was used to transmit the RF signal through the exemplary solutions to yield the various results. Change is even constant in physics–a great example I like to use is of the prominent physicist Lord Kelvin, who stated in the year 1900, “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. A few years ago, a group of internationally recognized scientists have come together to stress the importance of what is still commonly overlooked in the mainstream scientific community – the fact that matter (protons, electrons, photons, anything that has a mass) is not the only reality.


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