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In Perth, interstate matches at the 1921 carnival, during the 1929 season, and at the 1937 carnival successively set records as Western Australia's highest-ever sports crowd; the crowd of 40,000 drawn to that 1937 match was more than 10,000 higher than any previous Western Australian crowd[38] and almost double the record club grand final crowd at that time. 136 defeated Glenelg 8.10.58, League  | North Adelaide 6.8.44 defeated by WWT Eagles 10.9.69, Reserves | North Adelaide 9.18.72 defeated WWT Eagles 9.7.61, U18 | North Adelaide 12.9.81  defeated  WWT Eagles 11.11.77, League  | North Adelaide 15.20.110 defeated Central District 12.6.78, Reserves | North Adelaide 9.16.70 defeated by Central District 13.9.87, U18 | North Adelaide 17.14.116 defeated Central District 3.4.22, League  | North Adelaide 12.13.85 defeated Sturt 8.6.54, Reserves | North Adelaide 8.12.60 defeated Sturt 7.8.50, U18 | North Adelaide 14.7.91 defeated Sturt 8.7.55, League  | North Adelaide 6.9.45 vs South 13.9.87, Reserves | North Adelaide 12.8.80 vs South 8.7.55, U18 | North Adelaide 11.12.78 vs South 14.10.94, League | North Adelaide 11.11.77 defeated WWT Eagles 9.8.62 A showcase of never-seen-before memorabilia, the exhibition attracted some 70,000 visitors, making it one of the most highly attended exhibitions in the history of the State Library. [34] However post 1986 with the entrance of the West Coast Eagles into the expanded Victorian Football League, the concept largely died out in Western Australia. Much has captivated the South Australian football audience since those formative years, with countless memorable moments and heroic deeds a feature at Adelaide Oval, Football Park and the suburban terraces across metropolitan Adelaide. The rivalry between Victoria and South Australia was considered the strongest in interstate football. Eventually, after a restructure of that competition in 1996 which saw them adopt the name of the VFL, they faced the SANFL on the MCG in the curtain raiser to what would be the swansong of State of Origin football in 1999. Fixtures/Results; SANFL. Players contest a mark at the Australian Football Carnival, in 1933, at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The teams are Victoria and Tasmania. SANFL’s History Centre has become a national treasure trove of footy memorabilia. One of them turns to the other and says that the Croweaters cannot play. It was a really big thing to see the WA side play, particularly against Victoria". SANFL - SportsTG, fixtures, results, ladders, statistics, news and events for the SANFL - South Australian National Football League, on SportsTG, the Home of Grassroots Sport. This was in large part so that neutral leagues were not disrupted by a stand-alone game between two other states; e.g. [42] Additionally, differences in supporter culture between the states meant that club football and club parochialism had much greater importance in Victoria than in the other states. Teams which have taken part have included Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Amateurs. [65] Victorian footballers have commented on the passion and hatred directed towards them in interstate games played in Adelaide. [30][31] The South Australians had especially chosen Western Australia for the match, with the state holding a function after the game, to celebrate their centenary hoping they would defeat the westerns, because of their strong record at home against them. Magarey Medal; Ken Farmer Medal; League Life Members; Player Life Members; Umpire Life Members; Player/Coach Life Members; Jack Oatey Medal; Fos Williams Medal The championship-deciding game of the 1924 carnival, between Victoria and Western Australia, was reported as being the roughest on record. Renamed the South Australian Football League in 1907, the N was added in 1927 to reflect the national game of Australian Football. With the advent of interstate teams into the expanding VFL and its eventual re-badging and change to a national league in 1990, the state leagues would undertake steps to ensure that representative football would not be reserved solely for those players in the Australian Football League. The North Adelaide Football Club acknowledges the support from our sponsors and partners and encourages all members to show their support for the companies that contribute to the club.

Victoria's long-term dominance of interstate football created a culture of disdain towards it and, as a result, the most popular games always involved Victoria and beating Victoria was considered the pinnacle of interstate football in South Australia and Western Australia. Until 1976, interstate Australian rules football games were played by teams representing the major football leagues or organisations. With the 1980s being the most popular period for the concept,[43] a match in Victoria in 1989 against South Australia set the national interstate football record crowd of 91,960, with 10,000 people turned away at the gate. 2020 fixtures & results . Get Past Season Aussie Rules Football Standings, Winners, Results, Scores, Fixtures & Stats from the last & other previous Seasons of the Australian SANFL of Australian Rules Football in Australia only at ScoresPro - the best place for past SANFL Aussie Rules Football season rankings and statistics. Victoria the birthplace of Australian rules and, with contributing factors such as population and finances, dominated the first hundred years of intercolonial and interstate football. [29] After the game Western Australia began to negotiate for games to played under State of Origin criteria.

Support Passport. The widening gap between the three major footballing States/leagues and the others was shown in the organisation of the competition: Victoria represented by the (VFL), SA and WA constituted "Section A", and Tasmania, NSW, Queensland and NZ were relegated to "Section B".
The first recorded game of any "football" in South Australia was that of 'Caid' played in Thebarton by people of the local Irish community in 1843 to celebrate St Patrick's Day. The "Big 3" in the SANFL, WAFL and VFL entered into an agreement in 2003 to adopt a program where they would play each other in a rotational system over three years, which saw one state either sit out interstate football for one season or require that league to find alternative opposition. History. Which led to Peck knocking out Sawley with a Punch and remaining unconscious for at least a minute. [16] Tasmania finished of the decade strongly, with two surprise carnival upsets over South Australia in 1956 & 1958 and Western Australia in 1958. The song is about a young man who is about to play his first state game and is approached by another man who tells him to not let the Big V down. League  | North Adelaide  15.6.96 def West Adelaide 10.7.67, Reserves | West Adelaide 14.2.86 defeated North Adelaide 7.13.55, U18 | North Adelaide 8.10.58 defeated West Adelaide 7.4.46, SANFLW ROUND 5 North Adelaide 12.11.83 defeated Sturt 1.0.6, League  | North Adelaide  9.9.63 defeated Norwood 8.13.61, Reserves | North Adelaide 9.8.62 defeated Norwood 6.11.47, U18 | Norwood 11.7.73 defeated North Adelaide 6.10.46, SANFLW ROUND 6 North Adelaide 6.7.43 defeated Glenelg 4.1.25, League  | North Adelaide 10.14. [48], Amongst the competing states, the rivalry with Victoria was the strongest.

[17] With the game notable, for thousands streaming onto the ground after the final siren. [28], In 1974 the Northern Territory first participated in the concept, with a win over Queensland. Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory continued to play a part, while Tasmania's football system was split in half between north and south, as well as the state team being replaced by a club—Tasmanian Devils—which entered the VFL in 2001. The Adelaide Football Club was created as an entity in late 1990 as part of the Australian Football League's expansion into non-Victorian areas.

The VFL's dominance, at least within Victoria, was established by the time an interstate carnival was held for the first time – in Melbourne in 1908 – to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of "Australasian football" (as it was known at the time). [19] Cornes would go on to coach South Australia, with great successes and was a promoter of the South Australian team.

[76], After the success of the inaugural AFL Women's season the AFL announced in mid-July that a State of Origin representative match would be held for AFL Women's players during the AFL season pre-finals bye. ∑ The European Millionaire Maker Prize is €1,000,000 which, for UK winners, will be converted to Sterling and topped up by Camelot so that the total prize awarded is £1,000,000. Tasmania played its first game, against Victoria, in 1887. Please note that the SANFL History Centre is a museum for all South Australian football memorabilia and is not open to the general public. Towards the end of the 2000s, the AFL by this time had control of the football administrations across the eastern states and the Northern Territory. The other replies that this is not true and that the South Australians are great. The game is considered as one of Tasmanian football's greatest moments. Support Sign out. Find SANFL 2020 results archive and past year's ladders. [28] After the match with the result not taken well in the west, because of the observation that this had been a regular occurrence, it was first started being mentioned that games should be played on State of Origin criteria. A second carnival was held the following October in Adelaide, but were a financial disaster for the organisers, with only 28,245 people attending the four games. Before the game Jack Dyer was asked what he would do if he was coaching Victoria, and said, "I'd give them a Pep Talk and go to the races". 74 defeated Glenelg 11.5.71, Reserves | Glenelg 10.9.69 defeated North Adelaide 8.5.53, U18 | Glenelg 16.6.102 defeated North Adelaide 2.15.27, SANFLW ROUND 7 North Adelaide 9.10.64 defeated Norwood 3.1.19, League  | North Adelaide 7.12.54 defeated by Eagles 10.9.69, Reserves | North Adelaide 7.7.49 defeated by Eagles 10.6.66, U18 | North Adelaide 8.10.58 defeated by Eagles 9.13.67, SANFLW ROUND 8 | North Adelaide 13.10.88 defeated Eagles 0.2.2, League  | North Adelaide 14.8.92 defeated Central District 9.8.62, Reserves | North Adelaide 8.8.56 defeated by Central District 11.11.77, U18 | North Adelaide 12.13.85 defeated Central District 7.5. Greg Champion wrote a song, "Don't Let The Big V Down", about the traditional navy blue jumper with a large white "V" used to represent Victoria in state games. In some other carnivals the format was a round-robin format, with a points system in which the team with most points at the end of the tournament was declared the winner.

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