spare the rod, spoil the child original hebrew

Both you and Jason come in with a questioning attitude towards such studies, but I wonder if that attitude would be different were the studies to simply say spanking is harmless or positive.

refers to an actual physical rod (instead of a symbol of guidance and loving correction…i.e. But they didn’t beat the sheep to death with those strikes. The markings on the head of the shebet often identified the head of a family or tribe, letting everyone know who to go to for guidance and protection.

But if you Care about your Child, if you Worry how they'll turn out, if you Love your offspring... then You'll Discipline them... when they're Young. These are two completely different scenarios, even if the same object is being used. NEVER embarrass your child in front of other people. This interpretation better fits the context, takes into account the facts, and is simpler overall. I don’t know of anyone who thinks that to obey this passage they must determine exactly what a rod looked like in ancient Israel and use that – and only that – to discipline their kids (in the same way we don’t seek to recreate the exact type of bread that Jesus would have used at the Last Supper, or the same kind of wine – but rather use approximations). But if it comes down to a study like this or scripture, I’m not going to lose any sleep trying to reconcile the two.

Get a free blog at | Theme: Modularity Lite by Graph Paper Press. Are there ANE and Hebrew experts who would agree with your conclusion? When your children feel that you are reacting to them based on your own "stuff" and not because of their actions and their needs, it will distance them from you. So there’s just a fundamental problem in the comparison between the Proverbs and Exodus passages.

You seem to have misread my intention in referencing Exodus 21:20. Today, it would more accurately be carried out through spanking by hand or using a paddle of sorts. For my daughter (10 years), all she needs is my verbal disapproval and a good talking-to. ( Log Out / 

Mazal Tov Jess! This is abundantly clear in certain communities that have high crime rates. Translate spare the rod spoil the child in Hebrew online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. That said, I do believe further discussion on this topic within and outside the church would be very helpful. Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old. You basically Ignore their Development... so Obviously... you "Hate" them. NEVER call your children names! It was filed under Bible, books, Christian, Christian parenting, discipline, fatherhood, fear, gentle discipline, gentle parenting, grace-based discipline, hitting, Jesus, motherhood, parenting guide, positive discipline, positive parenting, spanking and was tagged with Bible, Christian, discipline, gentle discipline, grace-based, Jesus, parenting, positive discipline, spanking. Yet, the way my father spanked us was very different than anything he experienced as a child (a testimony, I believe, to God’s grace in his life). People's moods and situations fluctuate.

First of all, when we say “spanking,” what are we talking about?

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