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Did they sound the death march as they lowered you down? Click the triangle for a live recording of this song sung a capella by June Tabor (MP3 Pro file, 2,3 Mb download). How do you do, young Willie McBride, Do you mind if I sit here, by your grave side And rest for a while in the warm summer sun, I’ve been walking all day and I’m nearly done I see by your grave stone your were only nineteen, When joined the great fallen in 1915 I hope you died well and I hope you died clean, Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is about their founding member Syd Barrett, who became an acid casualty. After a visit to the war cemeteries in France in the early seventies Bogle turned a traditional Scottish lamento into a dramatic fictious conversation with Private William McBride. ( Log Out /  Did the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?'. And look how the sun shines from under the clouds There’s no gas, no barbed wire, there’s no guns firing now. Or Willie McBride was it slow and obscene, Chorus: The picture above was made by especially for the song The Green Fields of France, also known as No Man's Land. Lyrics submitted by The piano, the pipes and all the Celtic touches are perfect. This is used in

As sung by the Clancy Brothers,  a song by the Scottish-Austrailian songwriter by Eric Bogle which laments the terrible losses of World War I. The picture above was made by especially for the song The Green Fields of France, also known as No Man's Land. The basic idea of this blog series is to try to explain song meanings.

"The law of the greatest numbers does beat even the most poetical license", Chielens remarks.

I see by your grave stone your were only nineteen, Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The end was inevitable for most, including Willie McBride. There’s warm summer’s breeze makes the red poppies dance We sometimes find hope in strange places.

Mental Floss is up to its 284th entry in a grim, essential series retelling the events 100 years after they happened. Did the band play the last post and Chorus

is about the comedian Andy Kaufman, who often seemed like he was from another planet. This is a song by the peacemakers, sung by peacemakers, for peacemakers of all generations to come. The Green Fields Of France Songfacts; send your comment. cerph, edited by Mellow_Harsher. (From the song The Green Fields of France).
The result is a book exploring the futility of war, which has been published by the Glasnevin Trust and is for sale in the museum gift shop in Glasnevin. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

This was originally recorded by an Irish folk singer named Eric Bogle.

Singer-songwriter Eric Bogle said he wrote The Green Fields of France as a response to the anti-Irish sentiment in Britain during the IRA bombing campaign of the 1970s. And what does KISS stand for anyway?

The trenches are vanished, long under the plow, Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Private William McBride may have been buried with military honours (though it's more likely during the intensity of war his body was interned quickly without such a ceremony) but for most of the last century his grave site has been peaceful – so at odds with the conflict that ended his young life. Sections. The story of 19-year-old Private Willie McBride who died in 1916 recently inspired four young Dublin schoolboys to delve into the history of World War I. The song of this post, The Green Fields of France (sometimes called No Man’s Land), also had a contemporary point to make — it was written in one of those flare-ups of tension between Ireland and England, and Bogle wanted to remind the English that the Irish bled alongside them. And rest for a while in the warm summer sun, If you don’t think the Dropkick Murphys can do this tune justice, listen up. Although you died back in 1915,

In some faithful heart are you forever nineteen He was just 21 when he was killed – one of so many Irish men to have lost their lives in the Great War – but in song his memory is preserved. The Green Fields of France. At Genius, the contributors decode all the references to funeral songs and so forth. But my favorite performance is still the first one I heard. Their book is a tribute to all Irishmen and Willie McBrides who perished in the Great War.

And Bogle’s original is certainly worth a listen: Dee from Northfield, Il This is a great song. But in the past week, we’ve needlessly ramped up rhetoric with North Korea.

For Willie McBride, it all happened again,

Interested in becoming a cobbler before war broke out, a teenage Willie would serve his time in the 'shoe trade'. He found no less than ten Privates William McBride. The Fureys and Davey Arthur had Irish chart success with it, introducing it as  “probably the greatest anti-war song ever written.” I particularly love the follow-up comment in the intro: “If people would listen to it all over the world, there’d be less trouble than we have at the moment.”.
They concluded that the most likely subject of the song died on February 10 and is buried in a French cemetery near the town of Albert. Barry Sonnenfeld, who would later direct the movies Get Shorty and Men in Black, was the director of photography on the "Rock the Casbah" video for The Clash. The song's Scottish composer, Eric Bogle, recently confirmed that this was one of the graves he sat by before writing the emotive song words – though Private McBride was 21 when he perished – and not 19 as the lyrics state.

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