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It took way to long to try and figure that out.

The Little Stranger is one of best books released on 2009 containing 466 pages, this book written by Sarah Waters whom known as an author and have wrote many interesting books with great story telling. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters is a book I picked up from the library. A decent read.
[the theory Seeley presents of a person's consciousness that is somehow able to leave the body and manifest its will or malevolence completely independent of the person's awareness is one Faraday comes back to again and again.

While there he strikes up a friendship with the family and in the coming months is pulled into their problems. It is a mark of the author's perfect understanding of her period that Dr Faraday and her employers regard Betty as being hardly on the human level. Such a figure begins as the reader's surrogate, the voice of scepticism.

Here she deploys the vigour and cunning one finds in Margaret Atwood's fiction. While there he strikes up a friendship with the family and in the coming months is pulled into their problems. Adult British Realistic Fiction/Classical Literature novel about a man visiting an elderly woman and her daughter at their estate/mansion/manor in order to provide the elderly woman company and aid them. Sarah Waters's masterly novel is a perverse hymn to decay, to the corrosive power of class resentment as well as the damage wrought by war. It does seem, at one point, as if it is the spirit of snobbery that is haunting them. She is being paid a wage, after all, to stand by without complaining as the laws of nature are broken. By then I was already a huge fan of Sarah Waters and had read her entire backlist, so I was delirious for a new novel from her with a gothic feel.

In the course of the book, council houses will be built within sight of the hall, their livid industrial brick a mocking parody of its faded rose and gold. The premise was good, the details were lovely, but the story itself didn't seem fully realized and I didn't miss the characters when I closed the book.

Thanks! I was quite torn about how to rate this book and went between 2 and 3 stars. It is not a sexy book in the least. The author has worked a spell.

No one offers Betty an explanation as gruesome events escalate. “And perhaps there is a limit to the grieving that the human heart can do. [There is an incident in the Hundreds that is revealed through – wait for it – a coroner’s inquest! Does anyone have thoughts on whether this novel would be appropriate and accessible for that age group? Sarah Waters is a writer whose books I have acquired in the past purely on the grounds that there are huge herds of them roaming charity shops and second hand book stores (a joy and peril of being a best seller I guess), and therefore they are easy to get hold of for next to no money. Now he is trying to keep the house and estate going. Then as the story progresses, our representative comes up with ever more tortured "rational explanations" for bizarre events, explanations that require us to be more imaginative and gullible than we would be if we simply accepted the supernatural.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of Sarah Waters' slow paced (occasionally excruciatingly so) ghost novel, "The Little Stranger," is how subtle and contemplative its frights are, rather than being necessarily immediate or shocking. The book ends with no real wrapping up of any details-though you are left with this feeling that the author. And its mood lingers; in the 24 hours after finishing it, readers may hear, as I did, the whisper of its events bedding down into consciousness. The whole story is set around these characters as their stories are entwined and their destinies develop in macabre directions.

I love most of Waters' books. Hundreds Hall is said to be haunted and as the months pass by it becomes more and more confusing to tell whether the effect of the house on the people living in it is due to it being haunted or the steady deterioration of the estate and the status of the people who inhabit it in a world changing around them.

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