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We feel See more on GoodReads, “In the theater of the past that is constituted by memory, the stage setting maintains the characters in their dominant roles . interesting, well written and has potential to enhance the reader’s life. A human child at birth under goes a ritual almost identical to that inflicted upon the trout at death.

H2O: Augustine, you call yourself a fisherman? God would turn around and do stuff to Hu like give him warts on his face, wens on his head, arthritis in his hands, a hunch in his back, canker sores in his mouth and gout in his feet. I was aware of one thing only; next to the gaping fact called Death, all I knew was nothing, all I did meant nothing, all I felt conveyed nothing. Here. ― Thabiti M. Anyabwile, quote from What Is a Healthy Church Member?

choose the ones that are most thought-provoking. This is, it seems to me, one of the most remarkable statistics ever computed. The river begins at Source, and returns to Source, unerringly. They said, "Poor Master Hu has gone crazy." The river flows at its own sweet will, but the flood is bound in the two banks.

Out popped a fresh wart.The people wagged their heads till their tongues wagged too. I was a nothing-- a random configuration of molecules. ― David James Duncan, quote from The River Why, “Perhaps [God] resided only above England. Refresh and try again. Native intelligence is what Huck Finn had rafting the Mississippi, what Thoreau had by his pond, what Kerouac had in Desolation Lookout and lost entirely the instant he caught a whiff of any city. .

In its own sweet way.

― David James Duncan, quote from The River Why, “the thing i found offensive, the thing i hated about mohican-mountain-makers, gill-netters, poachers, whalehunters, strip-miners, herbicide-spewers, dam-erectors, nuclear-reactor-builders or anyone who lusted after flesh, meat, mineral, tree, pelt and dollar - including, first and foremost, myself - was the smug ingratitude, the attitude that assumed the world and its creatures owed us everything we could catch, shoot, tear out, alter, plunder, devour...and we owed the world nothing in return.”

They were such good friends that they kidded around. They were such good friends that they kidded around. An essence that wields you and I even more deftly than you wield rodney. “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” —Jim Watkins “The river is everywhere.” —Hermann Hesse “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. Isn't it because at my present level of skill the fish would have to be so damned dumb and utterly unelusive as to not be worth catching?

Error rating book. But I'm just a fisherman and may be missing some deeper significance in their nomenclature and stranger treatment of primordial trees.” Hu would do stuff to God like call him "The Great Clod." “There was an old Taoist who lived in a village in ancient China, named Master Hu. Love is like a lot of things. And the people of the village would look at him and wag their heads: sure enough, old Hu looked like an owl's nest; he looked like a swamp; he looked like something the dog rolled in. If anybody ever discovered the real laws of nature, nature would rear back and strike him dead before he pass on the news. Such is the fisherman’s compulsion toward rudimentary mathematics!”, “A native is a man or creature or plant indigenous to a limited geographical area - a space boundaried and defined by mountains, rivers, or coastline (not by latitudes, longitudes, or state and county lines), with its own peculiar mixture of weeds, trees, bugs, birds, flowers, streams, hills, rocks, and critters (including people), its own nuances of rain, wind, and seasonal change. That God. Consider the circumstances: this is after the Crucifixion and the Resurrection; Jesus is standing on the beach newly risen from the dead, and it is only the third time the disciples have seen him since the nightmare of Calvary. Perhaps they stood in a circle adoring their Lord while He, the All-Curious Son of His All-Knowing Dad, counted them all Himself!” and so what? Sorry.”, “that was the thing about nature: make one lousy rule to describe it and it'll contradict you even if it has to transmogrify and metamorphosize and bust its ass to do it. and to carry with us the author’s best ideas. … They even call the towering spires they wipe from the Earth's face forever a "crop"--as if they'd planted the virgin forest!

Gus: When most kids were making college plans, I didn't bother. It was a fat green pencil with the school’s name and district number stenciled on it. ― David James Duncan, quote from The River Why, “He reminded me of a kid in my first-grade class, Mikey. In my whole life I've only met two people who've ever looked at things anyway close to that way and that was my little brother and a philosopher, who talks to his dog! The only thing that came to my mind was, goodbye. What are you doing here? And Hu would laugh some more and walk around in little circles, showing off his short leg, saying to the villagers, "Haha! This section contains 406 words (approx.

STANDS4 LLC, 2020. The adoration of statistics is a trait so deeply embedded in their nature that even those rarefied anglers the disciples of Jesus couldn't resist backing their yarns with arithmetic: when the resurrected Christ appears on the morning shore of the Sea of Galilee and directs his forlorn and skunked disciples to the famous catch of John 21, we learn that the net contained not "a boatload" of fish, nor "about a hundred and a half," nor "over a gross," but precisely "a hundred and fifty three." But that didn’t stop Mikey. That God. Even though Gus is his maker. A non-native awakes in the morning in a body in a bed in a room in a building on a street in a county in a state in a nation. They were friends. At its own pace. the BookQuoters community. There's just nothing like the feel of a trout dancing through the river, making your pole pulse like a heart in your hands.

Taking steps to be sure we know the gospel with some clarity and depth, then, is necessary.” Titus: [about his dog] Descartes' immediate goal is humanity, as surely as ours is divinity. Mustn't it have happened thus: upon hauling the net to shore, the disciples squatted down by that immense, writhing fish pile and started tossing them into a second pile, painstakingly counting "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven... " all the way up to a hundred and fifty three, while the newly risen Lord of Creation, the Sustainer of all their beings, He who died for them and for Whom they would gladly die, stood waiting, ignored, till the heap of fish was quantified. 15 quotes from The River Why: ‘At last the cold crept up my spine; at last it filled me from foot to head; at last I grew so chill and desolate that all ... Home My Books

Sissy Hankshaw had it on freeways, Woody Guthrie in crowds of fruit pickers, Ghandi in jails. It's strange to kill your dad's partner, but that's what did. Gus: It's my cabin, shouldn't I be asking you that?


Even though Gus' - let's go ahead and call it Gus' - is his essence. ― David James Duncan, quote from The River Why “When people are kids their parents teach them all sorts of stuff, some of it true and useful, some of it absurd hogwash (example of former: don't crap your pants; example of latter: Columbus discovered America). Gus: What can you say after you've spontaneously cremated your parent's prize fish in the fireplace? That's what a Friend is for.” 19 Oct. 2020.

But I am not sorry... Because when you see the most amazing beautiful thing you've ever seen you don't think about what's right or polite or tell her to cover up... because you can't stop looking... you are just... you are just helpless... We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Just as oblivious to our essence. All Quotes memorable and interesting quotes from great books.

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