uss greyhound destroyer

She was powered by Parsons geared steam turbines, driving two shafts, which developed a total of 34,000 shaft horsepower (25,000 kW) and gave a maximum speed of 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph).

Excluding government-furnished equipment like the armament, the ship cost £248,768. Quick, sleek and accurate; the destroyer was the ship of choice. began for the rebuilding of the American destroyer forces. Little Beavers,” as DESRON 23 was known, and led by “31 Knot” Arleigh Burke night for the remainder of the war. By the early 1940’s newly commissioned destroyers could be seen sporting 5” It would be several years before that many men and ships would be [5] The ship escorted the heavy units of the Mediterranean Fleet on 6 May as they provided cover for Operation Tiger, a convoy carrying reinforcements to Egypt.

The base was once the retirement home for aged

Destroyers fought the submarines to a standstill on both the Atlantic and Ernest Krause, a first-time commander assigned the perilous task of a trans-Atlantic escort of a convoy of merchant ships, a mission that quickly goes awry after his destroyer, the fictional USS Keeling, is plunged into the Battle of the Atlantic. anti-aircraft guns, quintuple mounts of 21” torpedoes, depth charge Get the military's most comprehensive news and information every morning. the life-energy for our most modern amphibious ships, guided missile Greyhound was sunk by German Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers north-west of Crete on 22 May 1941 as she escorted the battleships of the Mediterranean Fleet attempting to intercept the German sea-borne invasion forces destined for Crete. Greyhound participated in the Norwegian Campaign in April 1940, the Dunkirk evacuation in May and the Battle of Dakar in September before being transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet in November.

Pacific Fleet.

“Greyhound” is slated to hit theaters everywhere June 12. The Germans later rescued four more sailors. destroyers, damaged a fourth and to use Captain Burke’s word, “one, Greyhound remained in the Vestfjord when the five ships of the 2nd Destroyer Flotilla sailed into the Ofotfjord on 10 April to engage the German ships that had transported the invasion force to Narvik. the U.S. Pacific Fleet. She sank two Italian submarines while escorting convoys herself in early 1941. Adjusted for inflation to 2020 pounds, £17,791,044. Forester's novel The Good Shepherd, in its appearance in the book's cinematic adaptation, Greyhound. The ship generally escorted the larger ships of the Mediterranean Fleet as they protected convoys against attacks from the Italian Fleet.

dual-purpose guns capable of surface and anti-aircraft fire, 20mm and 40mm an important role in the world and San Diego’s naval heritage. It is set in the winter of 1942, the height of the war in the Atlantic, and features fictional characters on a fictional convoy. ships missions were virtually blurred by the myriad of duties they Military Times reporter Todd South walks through how a conflict with the Chinese may start and what it would mean for each branch of the armed forces. Fast, powerful with sleek lines led to a new The ship participated in Operations Hats at the end of August when the British reinforced the Mediterranean Fleet. For anti-aircraft defence Greyhound had two quadruple Mark I mounts for the 0.5 inch Vickers Mark III machine gun. is now known as Naval Base San Diego and is the principle homeport for Observation Post articles reflect author observations. She participated in the inconclusive Battle of Cape Spartivento on 27 November during Operation Collar. "tin can" destroyers. regrettably, got a way.” The Japanese no longer would be comfortable at Combating both the enemy and self-doubt at the helm of the Keeling, Krause must “bring hell from on high” onto the German submarines to ensure the survival of his men and the success of the convoy. [5] On 14 January she captured the German blockade runner Phaedra in the North Sea.


Greyhound began escorting coastal convoys on 5 December when she was transferred back to the 1st Destroyer Flotilla.

HMS Greyhound was a G-class destroyer built for the Royal Navy in the 1930s. Shelly Johnson (“Hidalgo,” “Captain America: The First Avenger”) handled cinematography duties, while the 63-year-old Hanks penned the adapted script for the big screen. Its central character is a firmly religious U.S. Navy Commander, George Krause, commanding the multi-national escort ships from his own destroyer USS Keeling (renamed ‘Greyhound Based on the C.S. November 25, 1943 at 0141 “The Little Beavers” made contact with the enemy. to July 3, 1940, units of this squadron were transferred continually to the [9] The ship escorted the capital ships of the Mediterranean Fleet during the Battle of Cape Matapan on 28/29 March and initiated the night action when her searchlight illuminated an Italian cruiser. The ship's complement was 137 officers and men in peacetime,[1] but increased to 146 in wartime. gunfire support blasting pillboxes, rifle pits and tanks gained the Watch the trailer below.

They engaged She covered the withdrawal of the three surviving destroyers later that day.

As after WWI, the end of WWII saw the Navy mustering out Sailors and ships

Greyhound or G-Class Fleet Destroyer ordered from Vickers Armstrong, Newcastle under the 1933 Programme on 5th March 1934.

The ships were en route to rendezvous with the cruisers in the Kythira Strait when she was struck by three bombs dropped by Stukas of StG 2 and sank a few minutes afterwards. draft of the destroyer, they were able to gain a close beach position and The ship was present during, but played no part in, Renown's brief engagement with the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau on 9 April.

Today's destroyers carry on their proud tradition and the U.S. Destroyer Base [5] The ship escorted the battleship Barham and the cruisers Berwick and Glasgow during Operation Coat in early November as they joined the Mediterranean Fleet. And when they were, the destroyer and the destroyer men were there. As before, the destroyers performed so well at so many different The ship was laid down as Yard Number 699 on 20th September that year with sister ship HMS GRIFFIN in the same shipyard. Sony Pictures dropped the trailer Thursday, showcasing Hanks as Capt. heartfelt appreciation of the Marines and Soldiers fighting on the land. “The cruisers traced their heritage to the frigates of the time and aircraft with superior skill at night. Forty-five new destroyers were authorized for the last half of the decade.

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[7] The ship was damaged by German bombers at Scapa Flow on 18 April and was repaired at Gravesend, Kent, between 22 April and 19 May. in the South Pacific demonstrated that American Destroyers could fight Greyhound and her sister, Griffin, attacked some of the Italian destroyers, but lost them when they passed through their own smokescreen. J.D.

Krause not only commands his own vessel but is also in charge of the protection of the convoy that he is leading. as Destroyer Squadron, Scouting Force, U.S. Fleet and from October 1, 1937, thirties Sailors and the destroyer had blended together so well that the Greyhound carried a maximum of 470 long tons (480 t) of fuel oil that gave her a range of 5,530 nautical miles (10,240 km; 6,360 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph). With the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany in the early 1930s, authorizations In late January, the ship, and the destroyers Juno, Jervis, and Janus, escorted the badly damaged aircraft carrier Illustrious from Malta to Alexandria. class of ship being nicknamed "Tin cans" and the “Greyhounds of the sea.” Destroyers would play On 28 and 29 May she evacuated 1,360 men from Dunkirk before she was damaged by German bombers.

A midair collision and napping for lethality — The Briefing 10.8.20, QAnon conspiracy about SEAL Team Six raid on Osama bin Laden picks up steam, With 'shark attacks’ a thing of the past, soldiers recall these classic drill sergeant one-liners, Upcoming WWII series from Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks inks star director, Soldier’s badass Van Halen tribute goes viral, An open letter to military dudes on dating apps, © 2020 Sightline Media Group. This is the first time that he has had command. [6] The ship was refitted between 16 February and 18 March 1940 and later reassigned to the Home Fleet. Steam for the turbines was provided by three Admiralty 3-drum water-tube boilers. June 26, 2003. [3], Greyhound was laid down by Vickers Armstrong Naval Construction Works at Barrow-in-Furness on 20 September 1934, launched on 15 August 1935 and completed on 31 January 1936. With a change in designations in the Fleet, the destroyers were established Now it is a U.S. Navy mega port, essentially providing [5], During the Battle of Dakar on 23 September, Greyhound, the destroyer Fury, and the Australian heavy cruiser HMAS Australia engaged the Vichy French destroyer L'Audacieux which was set on fire and forced to beach itself.

patrolled the Formosa Straights and the Mediterranean, wherever they were He ugly cried when the Washington Capitals won the 2018 Stanley Cup. Due to range limitations of Allied aircraft, the 37-ship convoy must survive five treacherous days of the journey without the luxury of air support, leaving Krause and his men vulnerable to fierce attacks carried out by the sinister wolfpack formations used by the Kriegsmarine’s Nazi U-boats.

[1] One depth charge rail and two throwers were fitted; 20 depth charges were originally carried, but this increased to 35 shortly after the war began. Lassen and Howard, to name less than half of the Pacific Fleet “Greyhounds of the sea.”.

Unlike other

[5][6] Greyhound sank the Italian submarine Anfitrite on 6 March as she attempted to attack Convoy GA.8 which was carrying British troops to Greece.

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