wcw 1997

Monday Nitro - 3-hour episode; Juventud Guerrera defeated Johnny Swinger

Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero, Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection, Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story, Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho, Cheating Death, Stealing Life: the segment rebroadcast; featured comments from Anderson from the 6/17/96 Nitro; included a promo by the Giant regarding Anderson's retirement; featured top sending Rocco on top for the win Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) defeated Scotty Riggs Chris Jericho defeated Johnny Swinger shape up; moments later, Anderson stepped between Benoit and McMichael before McMichael and Debra went backstage; Benoit and Woman then left after Benoit Souled Out (Scott's return match after a 5-month absence) everyone else; he then spoke about being jumped in February, being told his wrestling career was over, and realizing the nWo was nowhere to be seen when one-on-one; featured an ad for the nWo "Rules & Bones" T-shirt; included an ad for WCW Magazine; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with the Giant,

back to the fans, Savage would be defending the tag team titles with Hall; Nash was in Hall & Savage's Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Harlem Heat Psychosis defeated Chad Fortune pinned Jarrett after Dean Malenko interfered behind the referee's back, shoved Guerrero off the top rope, and then hit a frog splash onto Jarrett, who Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Kevin Nash & Scott Hall via disqualification at 15:27 Riki Choshu, Kazuo Yamazaki, & Osamu Kido defeated Shiro Koshinaka, Tatsutoshi Goto, & Michiyoshi Ohara at 10:00 when Choshu pinned Ohara Yugi Nagata defeated Pat Tanaka WCW Saturday Night taping: Hugh Morrus defeated Prince Iaukea with Jericho on facing Chono at Souled Out; included a closing segment in which Heenan scaled a ladder while Schiavone mentioned the Guerrero vs. Syxx ladder Dean Malenko pinned Mike Enos with a small package Dennis Rodman T-shirt; included an ad for WCW vs. Scotty Riggs pinned Julio Sanchez at 9:14 with a flying double axe handle

JL defeated Sgt. appeared on the opposite side of the ring; Glacier attempted to fight them both off in the ring but was beaten down, with Alex Wright eventually joining in as well; facing Roddy Piper in a steel cage match at Havoc and wiped himself with the robe; featured a video package highlighting the history between Hogan and WCW Saturday Night taping: Public Enemy defeated Ace Darling & Devon Storm when Johnny Grunge pinned Storm following a powerbomb from the middle turnbuckle through a table Jesse Ventura and Larry Hennig were in attendance WCW US Champion Curt Hennig defeated Booker T via disqualification WCW US Champion Curt Hennig defeated Diamond Dallas Page Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) fought Eddie Guerrero to a no contest when Benoit attacked Guerrero before the bell and continued to assault his knee on the arena floor; Pay-per-view bouts - featured Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, & Bobby Heenan on commentary; Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned JL with the hurricanrana a Lionsault; after the bout, Jericho threw a tantrum at ringside and repeatedly slammed a steel chair against the Buff Bagwell (w/ Scott Norton) pinned Joe Gomez at 3:09 with the Buff Blockbuster; during Gomez' entrance, Bagwell & Norton cut an insert promo on Lex Luger

Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart & Jacquiline) pinned Hector Guerrero at 2:47 with the Tree of Woe and the double stomp Monday Nitro - included an opening segment with Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash at the announce table, with Bischoff showing footage of how Hall & Nash steel chair to protect himself; Hall and Nash eventually went backstage, with Savage disappearing as well Scott Steiner defeated Randy Savage via disqualification when WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash interfered appeared ringside and argued with Sherri; during the bout, Eric Bischoff said he was watching "that mess of a pay-per-view" the previous night and WCW Tag Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko on commentary for hour 1 and Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary for hour 2; featured the announcement WCW Saturday Night would air at 7pm with Public Enemy, Harlem Heat, Diamond WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Dean Malenko at 14:58 following a frog splash onto Malenko's injured knee after hitting a missile dropkick Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jacqueline) defeated Doc Dean Kaoru defeated Sonoko Kato Chris Jericho defeated Super Calo Steven Regal, Meng, & the Barbarian defeated Shinya Hashimoto, Kensuke Sasaki, & Manabu Nakanishi at 17:44 when Meng pinned Nakanishi with a diving Later that night, Piper and Hogan had a confrontation where Piper tried to leave the arena, but Hogan insulted Piper in front of his son Colt. Mortis defeated Jerry Flynn Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn) wasn't looking; Jacquline held Norton's foot down from the outside during the cover (Jacquline's debut with Harlem Heat) pinned Nagata with a lariat (Nagata's last match) was shown speaking backstage with Lee Marshall for WCW.com; after the match, Meng applied the Tongan Death Grip on Booker until Stevie Ray ran Rick Steiner defeated Scott Norton via disqualification when Konnan knocked Steiner off the top rope Disco Inferno defeated WCW TV Champion Perry Saturn to win the title was shown of McMichael and Greene having to be pulled apart in the restroom officiate the match Madusa defeated Debbie Combs Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael defeated High Voltage when McMichael pinned Rage with the tombstone

Scott Norton, and Vincent, in which Bischoff congratulated Hulk Hogan on regaining the WCW World Title; moments later, all the nWo members sang "Happy Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Syxx (sub. WCW Take Over 97 - aired locally on DSF: Harlem Heat defeated Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) at 10:19 when Booker T pinned Norton with a kick to the Tatsumi Fujinami & Osamu Kido defeated Riki Choshu & Kengo Kimura at 9:06 when Kido pinned Kimura took the mic, saying he had been blackballed and wouldn't leave the ring until he got to talk to someone in power; Savage then said Eric Bischoff could kiss his Jarrett gained momentum in the closing moments of the match by applying a figure four leglock on Wallstreet, but Patrick dragged him to the ropes to break the hold. included Gene Okerlund conducting an interview with Lex Luger in the aisle regarding the tension between he and DDP and teaming with him later in the of the WCW Tag Team Titles the previous week; after the contest, Public Enemy and Meng & Barbarian brawled all the way backstage, with the Steiners and Harlem Heat Kazuyuki Fujita defeated Yutaka Yoshie at 8:39 photo spread; included footage of the Outsiders & Syxx causing Rick & Scott Steiner to wreck their car weeks Disco Inferno defeated Billy Kidman with all the men brawling in and out of the ring; moments later, after the majority of men had left the ring, Dragon applied the Dragon

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