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Two of Belle's sons, William Thomas and Charles, were employed by the East India Company; William in England and Charles in India. She also visits slave owners’ Duke of Chandos’s church St Lawrence of Stanmore and Sir John Boyd’s Danson House in Bexley. In addition, it was unlikely that there had been an error in that Dido’s name had been entered incorrectly as Jane as Dido would have been told old to be having children by then. Pyramid lines ceva tracking 3 . At Kenwood House, "Belle was treated like the rest of the family when she was in company with only the family," says Mansfield. However, it was clear that these could not be the children of Dido’s son John as he would only have been around 14 when Amelia was born. John Davinier, a widower had married Jane Holland. The search to find what happened to Dido Elizabeth Belle and if she left any descendants. [3][11], William Murray left his niece Elizabeth Murray £10,000. She was given money and chores around the estate at Kenwood but never given chores that were too onerous. It was then back to the parish registers of St. George Hanover Square and bearing in mind that she had had a child in 1800, a search was made of the burial registers. As Dido was illegitimate, she did not commonly use the surname Lindsay. Raf lakenheath bx phone number 5 . It was clearly correct as St. Martin’s was also given as John Davinier’s place of residence when he married Dido.Whilst the marriage was clearly some time after they had had two children, it was not uncommon at this time period for people to marry some years after having children. The Murrays educated Belle, bringing her up as a free gentlewoman at their Kenwood House, together with another great-niece, Lady Elizabeth Murray, whose mother had died. You are in: London > TV > Television > Inside Out > Inside Out: Abolition of the British Slave Trade special, This week Inside Out takes a look at the Slave Trade to commemorate the 200th anniversary of its abolition in March 2007. He calls her Dido, which I suppose is all the name she has. [3] Her role within the family suggests that she became more that of a lady's companion than a lady's maid. [1], After Lord Mansfield's death in March 1793, Belle married John Davinier, a Frenchman who may have worked as a gentleman's steward, on 5 December 1793 at St George's, Hanover Square. Taking this portrait as a starting point Inside Out discovers the hitherto untold story of London’s first black ‘aristocrat’ and the influence she had over her great uncle in the pivotal 1772 Somerset slavery case he ruled upon. [12][13], Belle died in 1805 at the age of 43, and was interred in July of that year at St George's Fields, Westminster, a burial ground close to what is now Bayswater Road. [12] The Daviniers had at least three sons: twins Charles and John, both baptised at St George's on 8 May 1795; and William Thomas, baptised there on 26 January 1802. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Of course, divorce was not really an option at that time and this second marriage quoted John as being a widower. At this time, he held the rank of captain in the 30th Native Infantry (that was formed from the 2nd Battalion, 15th Native Infantry in 1824). She was therefore called Dido Elizabeth Belle. William Davinier 1800 In these years, her great-uncle, in his capacity as Lord Chief Justice, ruled in a significant slavery case, finding in 1772 that slavery had no precedent in common law in England, and had never been authorised under positive law.[2]. By using the General Registrar’s birth, marriage and death indexes, which commenced on 1st July 1837, Charles Davinier’s life could be traced. However, this is where it ends as her great-great grandson, Harold Davinier died in South Africa without having had children. Crabtree and evelyn jojoba 2 . Edward Henry Davinier. [1], In his will written in 1783, Lord Mansfield remained sufficiently concerned for the welfare of his beloved great niece to include a codicil in his will which explicitly confirmed (rather than conferred) her freedom. George. The interesting thing that these baptisms showed was that their father was John Davinier but their mother’s name was Jane. )[4] Her father was 24-year-old Sir John Lindsay, a member of the Lindsay family of Evelix branch of the Clan Lindsay and a descendant of the Clan Murray, who was a career naval officer and then captain of the British warship HMS Trent, based in the West Indies. But if you haven’t and the only introduction you get to being an African is being a slave and that you were freed and that you are still catching up, of course you would want to disassociate yourself from that history and this is what happens in schools.”, For some mental health experts like Claire Felix from Rethink these feelings of alienation are deepened by not being aware of your cultural heritage or identity, this can extend to something as simple as a name.During slavery Africans had their traditional names stripped away from them and forced to adopt European ones instead – “If my name is Claire where do I come from, what does that tell me? half sister.

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